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Integrated Marketing is the Next Tactical Business Solution

Integrated marketing is the art of strategically using different channels of marketing in the form of a TTL (Through the line) activity. This type of marketing plays a

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How Localization is helping Businesses Grow amidst the Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the world socially as well as economically. It is estimated that this pandemic cost the world economy a staggering $1Tn. Beca

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Why Do Brands Need to Change the Promotional Strategies After Lockdown

COVID-19 has struck the world economy unlike any other event in the past. Predictions are being made about the global recession that could be more severe than the &lsq

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What Are The Services, That Will Come in Demand After COVID-19?

Across sectors, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic is different. In the services sector, while some services gained, some are severely affected.

Digitization of t

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Choose the Best Agency to Reestablish Your Brand in the Market

When you set out to establish your business, you must have made branding as one of your primary priorities. After spending painstaking hours, you must have given your

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How Industries are dealing with the Post COVID Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has jolted the world economy. Drastic measures taken to stop the spread of the virus led to nations shutting their economies. But, an indefinite

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E-commerce: The Coronavirus Effect

In the initial days of the coronavirus pandemic, the e-commerce industry played a crucial role. When retail stores were being closed, it became the lifeline for people

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When The Whole World Is In Quarantine, How The Gaming Industry Is Maki

The COVID-19 pandemic has left every economic sector finding a way to get back. But, one sector that is booming amidst the crisis is the gaming industry.
Yes, t

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Healthcare Industry’s Situation Post COVID 19

Infectious outbreaks occur throughout the world. For the most part, these outbreaks are localized in nature. But an infection to become a global pandemic is once in a

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How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected the Education Sector

One of the major casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic is the education sector. Not just in the UAE, throughout the world, schools and colleges have been shut.


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