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Localization For Startups - No Question Of When, But How

For a startup, there is no question about scaling up. It requires scalability to grow. And going global is the best way for a startup to scale up.

While going

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Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Food Startup with Localization

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a site taking action such as purchasing a product, subscribing to newsletter, membership

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How The Market Is Gonna Change Post Corona And Why Translation Is Rele

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a new normal to the way a business operates. Companies are reorganizing their strategies to be ready for the future. Among the key

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Why Is Translation So Important To Reach the Global Market?

The quality of your product alone cannot bring global customers. To reach the global market, you need to communicate about your products and your business effectively.

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Translation and Its Industry Connections

Sputnik V - the first registered vaccine against COVID-19 - was developed by scientists from Russia’s Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology.<

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Communicate in Native Languages to Get Better Customers Engagement

John is an American who is fluent in English but has limited knowledge of Arabic. While Khalil is an Arab fluent in Arabic with a basic understanding of English. When

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Don't Get Confused Between Lo-calization and Translation

How often did you face a situation where you think you know about something, but it turns out to be something entirely different? The term localization is one such thi

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Localized Strategies to Reach the Global Market: Why Is It Important?

Business enterprises often think that gaining a foothold in an international market means following a standard pattern. Be it, using a global language for communicatio

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How Localization Is Useful For Startups?

For startups, or for that matter, any small-business gaining customers quickly will sustain the business for the long-term. One sure way to get customers is by investi

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Merge Your Localized Strategies with Your Digital Marketing

In today's interconnected world, businesses are broadening their reach across borders and catering to diverse customer bases. As a r

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