Document localization, Website localization and Internationalization Localization services refers to adaptation and customization (and translation) of document or website for a specific country, especially those countries which has a different language and culture. Localization may involve document localization, website localization and software localization.

Localization Services

Localization services are inevitable requirement to reach customers in new markets or region, more so when the language and culture differs. With localization of your brochures, manuals and website, you ensure that your customers are convinced of the quality and easily accept your products and services. Localization involves adaption to the language of the target customers and avoiding offensive colors, graphics, symbols, geographic significance, etc that may not be acceptable to the target customers.

Localization versus Translation Translation involves translation of content from one language to another and is undertaken by a professional translator who translates into his/her native language. The process of translation is listed below:

  • Project manager: Receives the files and assigns to native professional translator
  • Translator: Receives the files and translates
  • Project manager: Delivers the files to Client

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