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Get High-Quality Document Translation Like Never Before

Imagine the trouble you might take to convince a foreign language customer to do business with you. Without proper communication, the information you want to present might not reach the target audience. The way out is document translation.

Communication was once a barrier to do business or spread information across the world. Now, with translation services, the scenario has changed. You can beat your competition and reach the world by adopting document translation services.

If you are looking for document translation in UAE, International Communication Services-Dubai is here to help.

Be it, a marketing material that you want to distribute in a particular country, a patent that you want to file in a foreign language, or financial documents that you need to submit to a foreign government authority, we take care of your document translation needs.

What Do We Do?

We are one of the best translation agencies offering the best document translation in Dubai. With over a decade of experience in document translation, our area of expertise is diverse.

We are capable of translating,

  • Healthcare/Medical documents
  • Legal documents
  • Financial documents
  • Literary documents
  • Technical and scientific documents
  • Marketing materials
  • User manuals
  • Instruction guides
  • Bank statements
  • Patent documents
  • Judicial transcripts
  • Codes of conduct

These are only a few of our document translation capabilities. We have much more to offer. You name your requirement, and we shall translate it.

Oh! By the way, we provide Certified Translation that proves our accuracy and translation capability. You can showcase your translated document to any government authority or any other entity without the fear of being rejected. 

Our Experts

Choosing ICS-Dubai means your project is in safe hands. Our team of translation experts is experienced professionals. We have native language translators, translation DTP specialists, localization experts, and more to cater to your needs.

Languages You Ask?

We provide translation in over 70 languages, including all the major languages of the world. Our professional translators provide quality output. 

Not only we have exceptional language translators, but our translators are also subject matter experts. They translate the jargon in your document accurately. We assure you that.

Speed Is Of The Essence

In the business world, blink and you miss an opportunity. We understand how important time is for you. It is why we undertake fast translation within your time limits. Do not worry, even at our speeds, we do not compromise on quality. 

Your project will get detailed attention as we allot a dedicated project manager to each project. Also, the project manager will coordinate with you directly, therefore leaving no chance for miscommunication.

Quality Control

Even while we undertake fast translation, we never undermine quality. Our quality control processes are robust.

The translators will follow a technical glossary that you provide or will create a glossary and send it to you. After your approval, they will begin the translation process.

After translation, the document is checked for all kinds of errors, be it grammatical, syntactical, typing, language, localization, and other errors. We double-check for text accuracy with the original document. And finally, we shall submit the translated document post your scrutiny and final proofing.

Let Us Talk Cost

We know that you have a limited budget. But do not worry, our services are cost-effective. We shall work around your budget and provide the best results. And it is why our clients love us.

All we do is to see that our clients are happy with our work. You can expect nothing other than exceptional results from us.

Whatever shape, size or design you want, our doors are always open to any query or demand that you may have.For more details please visit

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