What You Need to Know About Localization Rates

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Hey! Great that your mobile app was approved in Dubai. It seems that you want globalize your innovation. The Localization Services in Dubai can easily take this issue out of your hands.

Think about this: You are moving into the international field, and the main thing is that you need to get used to local languages.

As now a citizen of the globe, an update to your application's language is required. Cultural fluency, resonance and a touch of the local feel is now required to resonate with your target audience.

A translation also involves more than just the act of translating. Not only is localization not necessarily expensive, but the rewards it offers on an international playing field are like opening a treasure chest.

You must be full of enthusiasm, but finding one's way through the maze of localization raises questions such as, how much investment should be made? What about return?

Let our Localization company in UAE be your guiding star in this localization ocean.  Let's crack these numbers and see about the art of finding that just-right localization services to conduct your linguistic symphony.

Ways to Choose the Right Localization Services At Your Budget

When it comes to choosing the most suitable localization service for your hard-earned cash, there are a multitude of factors that must be considered. The costs linked to localization can differ greatly depending on the unique requirements and objectives of your business. Opting for enterprise-level translation services may prove to be pricier, but this allows you to tap into a pool of proficient translators who possess an in-depth understanding of not only your desired language but also the specific market you wish to target.

You can expect a fee of approx. USD 0.05 per word. Smaller translation firms will charge lesser fees . There are additional language service providers (LSPs) that specialize in different sectors, such as gaming, legal, healthcare, and food. The price of these LSPs fluctuates depending on the specific project and language combination.

The rate per word for localization typically encompasses a range of services, such as proofreading, translation, and revision by another linguist. However, it's important to note that the software localization or gaming localization rates might vary.

Localization Rates and The Most Important Factors

Understanding the key factors that affect cost is an essential prerequisite to staying afloat in localization service waters. A breakdown is as follows:

1. Difficulties in The Target Language

More difficult languages and higher target area costs cause some Localization Services in Dubai to come with a hefty price. There is a premium need for Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, Finnish, Japanese, and Korean.  

2. A Challenging Language Pair

One factor which influences price is the ease with which translators to particular language pairs can be found. For example, it is usually easier and cheaper to find someone who can translate from English-Portuguese than between Turkish and Icelandic.

3. Volume of Work

 The most important factors include translation efficiency and the chance of discounts for bulk deals.

4. Timeline of the Project

Moreover, some Localization company in UAE may even provide a fast turnaround; but rush fees nearly always accompany the provision of accelerated services.

5. Word Count and Repetition

The number of words and the number of repetitions affect prices.

6. Visual Elements of the Content

Examples of materials which add to costs of the project, include graphic text, illustrations, photographs and films. These pieces are also translated, reproduced and captioned.

7. The Characteristics of the Project

Specialists may be required for certain projects, such as localizing video games. Prices will vary in these cases. If the project calls for it, seek out translators with specialized knowledge.

8. Tools for Project Management and Localization

While QA reviews, workflow automation technologies, localization tools and project management all affect costs in different ways. Some of the tools and technologies will need upfront investments.

How to Manage Localization Budget?

You should consider the following things when you are making a budget for localization services:

  • Content Specialisation and Uniqueness: For such distinctive and specialised content, one must look for a Localization company in UAE with qualified translators who have received the necessary training in this area.
  • Keping the Voice of the Brand Consistent: If you want a similar emotional or message appeal from your brand, you must hire translators with training in marketing content. These native and subject matter specialists will carefully understand your brand.
  • Multilingual Workers and Quality Control: It is important to hire native subject matter specialist in your team who can look after the quality of the content. However, if you can’t have someone on the team, then it is important that you hire someone, who can assist you in reviewing the content. This stage ensures the accuracy and smoothness of the translation text while assisting in quality assurance.
  • Content for New Markets: It is important that you disburse information to new customers in their language when breaking into new markets. You need website blogs, marketing materials, articles, vlogs, press release etc. Allocate a budget for localization services in Dubai when you localise your content.
  • Maximizing Your Localization Investment: If you are strapped for cash, the attractiveness of a cheaper solution to your localization problem is obvious. However, often sacrificing quality is a costly mistake.
  • Put Quality First to Avoid Mistakes: Do not rush because it can be a fatal mistake to omit information that was poorly translated. Risks include going off track from your brand voice, running afoul of your target demographic and maybe even ending up in the rules-aggravating hot water.
  • Using Strategy to Implement Budget Control: Take the long way around, rather than shortcuts. Phasing your localization project can give you greater control over the budget.
  • Pay attention to Resources: Choosing the right localization services in Dubai will help you create top quality content. Look for dealers with good localization tools to save time and enhance quality. To speed up the process, ask about extra services such as project management and quality control.

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