Translation and Its Industry Connections

Sputnik V - the first registered vaccine against COVID-19 - was developed by scientists from Russia’s Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

At first, the vaccine was considered to be ineffective by scientists across the world. But, some days after the announcement of the vaccine, Russian scientists have released detailed research reports. They communicated to the world that their vaccine is safe and is effective against SARS-CoV-2. How did they do it?

While Russian is both the academic and spoken language of Russia, to communicate with the world, the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology has set up a website and translated the scientific information into several languages. Translation thus conveyed to the world about Sputnik V. This is an example of the use of translation services in the life sciences industry.

Not just life sciences, translation has a role to play in many industries. But, according to a reputed translation company in Dubai, the following six industries are seeing significant use of translation services in recent years.

  • Life Sciences and Medical As shown above, the life sciences and medical industry are one of the biggest benefactors of translation services. Medicines and their effects, scientific papers, research reports, medical records, instruction manuals, etc., require medical translation. Pharmaceutical companies can market their products internationally only if they can communicate about the product in the language people understand. All these make translation services a necessary part of the Life Sciences and Medical industry.
  • Information Technology As the world is shifting towards automation, every process is using the power of computing. Aiding this transformation is the software technology. Numerous Information Technology companies are bringing out software products to provide solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Marketing them on a global scale requires the software to be legible for people who are using it. This is where translation plays its part. With translation services, software products can be made available in multiple languages.
  • Travel & Tourism Translation plays a significant role in the travel and tourism industry. From tour operators to hotels and restaurants, everyone related to the industry can benefit from translation services. It allows businesses to provide information to the tourists in the language they can understand. For example, most of the Italian hotels use Italian as the language to describe their services, but they also provide information in many global languages.
  • Website Translation Businesses, both big and small, are using websites to reach global customers. When the traffic on the site increases, sales will get a boost. But, for this to happen, the visitors to the website must understand the information you provided on the site. As linguistic diversity is enormous at the global stage, you must translate your content into the language of a particular region. Website translation has thus become an essential element for entering international markets.
  • E-Commerce E-commerce is another industry where translation services are finding extensive usage. The global e-commerce industry is increasing, and in some countries outperforming the traditional retail stores. Businesses that are selling their products on e-commerce sites must provide translated content to attract global customers.
  • Gaming Online gaming is another industry where translation services find significant usage. From voice over to text, translation services are necessary to make a game available for people from different countries.

To Sum Up

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