ICS Dubai is your one-stop transcription services provider in Dubai. Our goal is to provide you with high quality, accurate and professional transcription services. We have a highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are talented in translating and transcribing any audio/video document in an error-free manner. Our transcriber ensures that all the clients’ expectations are met. We have over 1 million minutes of recorded and documents transcribed. Our growing list of happy clientele and their testimonials is the evidence of our gold standard professionalism.

What Do We Transcribe?

Our Transcription Services in Dubai provide transcription services in various languages. We not only provide specialization in transcription services in Arabic but also in a multitude of languages. We have a team of translators and transcribers who work in coordination to provide you with a standard document.

Within our ambit, we cover a wide range of subject matter and recordings from varied backgrounds. We help our clients from different industries such as medical research, legal cases, general conversations, academic lectures and speeches, media interviews, financial decisions, marketing presentations, film captions, sermons, as well as conference events and police investigations.

We accept all audio & video files of different formats and types of varying size. Our transcription service in Dubai also advises our clients to explore many options to help them enhance their recording quality. As we perceive that clearer and sounder the audio/video is, more precise the transcripted document.

Services Offered

  • Academic Transcription Services
  • Meeting Minutes Transcription
  • Book Transcription Services
  • Conference Call Transcription Services
  • Dissertation Transcription Services
  • Educational Transcription Services
  • Entertainment Transcription Services
  • Film Transcription Services
  • Financial Transcription Services
  • Lecture Transcription Services
  • Media Transcription Services
  • Podcast Transcription Services
  • Seminar Transcription Services
  • Sermon Transcription Services
  • Technical Transcription Services
  • Text-to-Text Transcription Services
  • Video to Text Transcription Services
  • Thesis Transcription Services
  • Transcription Services for Qualitative Research
  • Webcast Transcription Services

Why ICS Dubai Transcription Services?

Proficient Transcribers

Our transcription company in Dubai provides you with industry-leading transcription quality. We do not rely on machines, algorithms and robotics transcription. On the contrary, we have a team of adroit professionals who are well versed in various languages and are able to give excellent quality material.

Professional Quality

ICS Dubai offers you 99% accuracy on all of your transcripts. We possess an organized system of checks and balances where all the transcripts submitted by our transcriptionists are re-verified, proofread, edited, and reviewed to ensure our high accuracy guarantee.


We are a reputed Transcription Company in Dubai. We comprehend that the success of the brand depends on the quality of services offered. Hence, we accord devoted customer support and attentive communication


We look upon all the transcription projects with utmost confidentiality. We can even sign a transcription confidentiality agreement to ensure that we maintain the highest sense of secrecy.

Competitive Rates

Our transcription service in Dubai offers unmatched rates with other transcription services in Dubai. Our pricing is adjusted accordingly to the audio difficulty level. We offer valuable services and hence they are worth it.

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