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Transcription Services Company Dubai

Transcription refers to the process of conversion from voice (audio) to written form in the same language. Audio (or video) recordings are mandatory in conferences, seminars and which are then required to be converted into text form or transcribed.

ICS uses professional transcription experts adept at the language with a keen sense to identify even feeblest of spoken words. These professional transcription experts can transcribe about 2-3 hours of recordings in day. Many of the transcription may also require time-coded transcription to enable easy synchronization with original voice source.

Transcription allows further processing of the text such as translation of the transcribed text into a different language or sub-titling in the same or different language or even narration in a different language.

ICS also transcribes movies and films for various end uses which may include editing of the transcribed text, subtitling in same language or into different languages and voice over into a different language.
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