Don't Get Confused Between Lo-calization and Translation

How often did you face a situation where you think you know about something, but it turns out to be something entirely different? The term localization is one such thing that is most confused among marketers and businesses.

Localization has been the buzzword for a few years now. Thanks to the advent of the inter-net and its vast adoption, localization is finding prominence in the online space. But, the term is confused with translation.

Localization Vs Translation

The translation is the act of producing a written text from a source language into a target language. In the translation process, the original intent and tone of the source text are kept intact in the translated text, while also taking into account cultural and regional differences.

While localization involves translation as a primary process, it is much more than transla-tion.

As each country and each region have distinct cultures, languages, religions, and attitudes, penetrating those markets require adapting your products, or services, or business processes to these differences. Localization does exactly that.

From your marketing collaterals to your website content and from your web design to the product itself, with localization, you can make the necessary changes to adapt to the local market.

For example, let’s say if you are trying to enter markets like Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. One thing that is common in these countries is German is the common language in all these countries. But, the dialects are different in each country. The general attitudes of the people are different too. Only through localization, you can adapt your content to the local markets.

Prominence of Localization

Over the past few years, there is widespread prominence for localization services in Dubai. This is due to the growing importance of digital media in people’s life and businesses’ enthusiasm to provide personalised experiences to customers. Thus, the localization of games, software, videos, websites, and other multimedia content has become the norm.

Businesses that have invested in localization are seeing a rise in sales. They penetrated quickly in a foreign market than their competitors, and are providing utmost satisfaction to the customers.

How May We Be Of Help To You?

Localization requires an accurate understanding of the target region's culture. Also, the ex-perts who undertake the translation must accurately know the cultural references of the target language. Thus, localization is a challenging process. And this is where we, the International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai), come in.

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