ICS Dubai offers a diverse range of interpretation services in Dubai, facilitating global communication for businesses, whether it's a one-on-one conversation or a grand-scale conference. Our team of experts is proficient in interpreting for various foreign and regional languages.

Who We Are

We are your trusted language interpretation service in Dubai, dedicated to breaking down language barriers. Our mission is to enable your business to convey its messages precisely and promptly. ICS Dubai's Interpretation Services in Dubai are designed to foster enhanced communication between customers and service providers, connecting people and businesses seamlessly

We are a certified language interpretation service with a team of highly skilled professionals renowned for their exceptional language proficiency. Our rigorous quality assurance processes ensure accuracy, and we maintain complete confidentiality for all your original and transcribed documents.

With over a decade of experience in interpretation, we provide language interpretation services not only in Dubai but also across the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.
Partner with ICS Dubai to bridge language gaps and empower your global communication efforts. Your success is our commitment.

Our Comprehensive Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation

ICS Dubai offers consecutive interpretation services in over 170 languages. Our professional interpreters excel in one-to-one meetings, ensuring precise and professional communication between speakers of different languages. Their linguistic expertise and interpersonal skills make them valuable facilitators in multilingual interactions.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, ICS Dubai provides Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services, allowing you to access certified interpreters remotely. This means you can benefit from professional interpretation without the need for on-site interpreters, making it a convenient and safe solution for global communication

Simultaneous Interpretation

ICS Dubai offers complex simultaneous interpretation services. Our interpreters translate spoken words with minimal time lag, making them suitable for high-stakes scenarios. We have well-trained interpreters and specialized equipment to handle this demanding form of interpretation.

Whisper Interpretation

Our skilled interpreters excel in whisper interpretation, delivering spoken words directly into the client's ear to maintain discretion while ensuring instant comprehension.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

ICS Dubai provides secure over-the-phone interpretation services in over 100 languages. We maintain access-controlled facilities and employ highly competent interpreters, ensuring rapid resolution of language barriers.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Our video interpreting services use web cameras or video phones from a remote location to facilitate communication when the client and interpreter are not physically present in the same location.

Onsite Interpreting

We offer in-person interpretation services for on-site visits, enabling face-to-face communication with one or more individuals who have limited language proficiency.

Conference Services

ICS Dubai is your partner for successful global meetings. Our interpreters are active listeners, providing real-time translation to ensure effective communication during conferences, seminars, online events, panel discussions, and broadcasts.

Healthcare Technology Companies

Healthcare technology companies are introducing breakthrough solutions at GITEX Global, focusing on digital health, telemedicine, electronic medical records, wearable devices, and other innovations that improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Choose ICS Dubai for all your interpretation needs and experience seamless, accurate, and professional communication across languages.

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Why Choose ICS for Interpretation Services?

Expertise in Multilingual Communication

ICS Dubai boasts a team of highly skilled interpreters proficient in over 170 languages. Our expertise ensures that language barriers are effectively bridged, enabling clear and precise communication.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Specialists

We excel in providing Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services, making global communication convenient and safe, especially in the era of COVID-19. Our remote services connect you to certified interpreters without the need for physical presence.

Specialized Equipment and Training

For demanding simultaneous interpretation needs, we have specialized equipment and extensively trained interpreters, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in complex scenarios.

Conference Success

ICS Dubai's active listening interpreters play a pivotal role in making global meetings successful, facilitating real-time translation during conferences, seminars, online events, panel discussions, and broadcasts.

Safety and Security

We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your information, ensuring that your sensitive data remains protected.

Experience and Reputation

has built a strong reputation for excellence in interpretation services across Dubai and beyond.

When you choose ICS Dubai for interpretation services, you're choosing a reliable, experienced, and versatile partner committed to breaking language barriers and facilitating seamless communication for your business or event.

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If you require the services of a professional interpreter in Dubai, don't hesitate to reach out to us. At ICS Dubai, we are committed to upholding the integrity and dignity of the language profession while serving numerous satisfied customers. Rest assured, our clients always receive top-quality and flawless services.For further information, please feel free to contact us at +971 501580703 or email us at Your language interpretation needs are our priority.

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