Localization For Startups - No Question Of When, But How

Localization For Startups

For a startup, there is no question about scaling up. It requires scalability to grow. And going global is the best way for a startup to scale up.

While going global, most startup founders think of when to form a localization strategy. The question must be not when but how for localization has become a priority to scale up. Here is why.

1. Quick Market Penetration

Early in its business journey, a startup must think of going global, rather than later. But, taking your products or services to an international market means you will face the problem of language and cultural diversities, which may affect your market penetration.

Localization, be it the marketing materials or documents, facilitates quick market penetration. With professionally done localization, locals of a target market will recognize your efforts and become familiar with your offerings, paving the way for deeper market penetration.

2. Potential Customers Are Waiting For You

If you think that localization is for a later time, take a look at this statistic. In countries like France, Germany, and Japan, over 50% of consumers prefer to buy products and services in their native language.

With the digital age bringing shopping to the fingertips, people getting information about a product in their native language prefer to buy it. Thus, with localization, put in place culturally appropriate content and provide better customer experience.

3. Boosts Your Branding

Localization boosts your startup’s branding. Be it your website, product manual, brochures, billboard ads, etc., localizing the content gets you the recognition you seek in a target market. Research has shown that people will trust a brand that appeals to the local ethos, values, and culture.

As a startup adapting to every situation is the need of the hour to scale up. Localization is an adaptation that you must carry out early in your journey to scale up faster.

Considering Costs?

No doubt, quality localization is pricey. Yet, you can adopt some ways to ease the cost burden. For one, choose the aspects of your business that need localization to reach international customers.

Initially, localizing the website would be the right choice, while you can push localizing your entire market collaterals to a later time. By being strategic in your decisions, you can reduce costs. Also, you can find an agency that offers the best localization services in Dubai at competitive prices.

Localization in Dubai

Read: https://www.ics-dubai.com/blogs/how-localization-is-useful-for-startups

Dubai is fast becoming a global hub for startups. Many venture capitalists have their global headquarters in Dubai. The city has a vibrant ecosystem for startups and attracting entrepreneurs to begin their startup journey here.

But, catering to the localization needs of these startups, only a few agencies are providing localization services in Dubai. One such agency offering the Best Localization Services in Dubai is International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai).

ICS-Dubai is a seasoned language service provider in Dubai. With a professional team of native language speakers handling numerous global languages, the agency offers the best localization services in Dubai. When you hire ICS-Dubai, rest assured, you will get high-quality results.
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