Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Food Startup with Localization

food startup with localization

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a site taking action such as purchasing a product, subscribing to newsletter, membership registrations, etc. In e-commerce terminology, it is the percentage of online visitors who complete a cart checkout.

For a food startup, the conversion rate is undoubtedly a critical KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Better the conversion rate means better would be the growth of the business.

As per statistics, the global average conversion rate for e-commerce is 4.31%. If you are clocking below, then you need to ramp up your conversion rate to sustain your business. 

One way to do it is by taking your food startup to international destinations. While the language is an impediment, as a food startup, you must consider not to hurt the sentiments of your target population at an international destination. 

As each region has diverse cultural beliefs and practices, tweaking your messages and content to accommodate the local culture will go a long way in boosting your conversion rate. Localization is thus an essential element you must consider while going global. 

Here is a success story of a food startup which increased its conversion rate by adopting localization.

The Story of Huel 

Huel is a food startup which began its journey in 2015 in the United Kingdom. The startup offers complete food for those who are short of time. While the company predominantly serves customers in Europe, it is now present online in over 80 countries and has a strong conversion rate of over 3%.

All this happened when the startup decided on using localization services of a Language Service Provider (LSP). As Huels sales are seasonal in nature, it has an on-demand localization workflow with quick turn around time. It would conduct simultaneous marketing campaigns in two different regions, and the content is localized for the target regions. 

The company diligently measured the conversion rates before and after the launch of a website in a new language. It took adequate measures to create content for pages with low conversion rates. 

While the startup used in-house teams and technology for localization purposes initially, as the volume of content increased, it required professional management, and thus hired an LSP. 

Lessons To Be Learnt

1. Adopt Localization Early - There is no option but to expand to newer locations to scale up. Adopting localization early in your startup's journey will thus benefit you in penetrating the market and increasing your conversion rate.

2. Hire a Professional -  As with Huel, which experimented with in-house team and technology for localization, not everyone can pull that. In the online world, wrong translation can cause irreparable damage to your business. Thus, make hiring a professional, offering top localization services in Dubai for better results.

3. Make Quick Turnaround A Priority - When you hire an agency offering Top Localization Services in Dubai, make sure that they stick to turnaround times. In the digital space, blink and you miss a customer.

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