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ICS is a leading video marketing agency in Dubai where you can create, polish, and send out into the world quality video content that will connect with your audience. We help you create video marketing content and posting it on the right channels. With the help of these videos, you can maximize your views, engagement, and revenue.

Our Introduction

We are ICS Dubai. We are an in-house video marketing agency in Dubai that makes video ads and television commercials for a variety of products and organizations. We provide full-service digital solutions to our clients in the form of SEO, content, and paid search. 

We are not a traditional video production house where we just create videos. Rather, we are a top-notch certified digital agency in Dubai that understands how video works across digital platforms. We follow the major steps of video production, the creative, production, post-production, and distribution to achieve success for our clients.

We cater to our different clients from across the world. We majorly serve in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We have more than a decade of experience in video marketing in Dubai.

We recognize how audiences engage with video online and how digital journey pans out for the customers. We develop videos that are engaging for the audience and this drives conversions and increases ROI.

Our Services

ICS Dubai is a high-quality video marketing agency in Dubai, which ensures strong performing videos for our clients. We develop videos in different areas of marketing, training, social, animation, etc. We focus on two key elements of video production: Key persona and key audience. This strategy ensures that we generate strong performing videos for our clients. 

  • Video marketing strategy: Our Video marketing agency in Dubai will help you to develop the right and best video marketing strategy to tell your brand story to your audience.
  • On-site video production:Worrying about Location and Onsite Shoot? Fret Not! We select the best location to shoot and develop broadcast-quality video content.
  • Digital animation and motion effects:ICS Dubai brings your brand to life with animation and motion graphics.
  • Promotional and explainer videos: We produce measurable results. Our top-grade videos will demonstrate your brand improving conversion rates and driving sales.
  • Video Search Optimisation: We make sure that your video is made widely popular is easily available to the audiences you want to reach.

What Makes Us Different?

As a leading video marketing agency in Dubai, we have a team of skilled digital experts to help us take your brand wherever you want it to go. Our talented team includes digital specialists, from strategists, journalists, creators, and writers, armed with market-leading bespoke tools and innovation.

Our past clients continued lasting relations speak highly of the work that we have performed for them. We have helped them in telling their brand story through video, engaging new audiences, and turning those audiences into your loyal consumers. 

We take pride in growing brand visibility through organic search and improve social engagement and enhance conversion rates.

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Our video marketing agency in Dubai will capture the personality, emotion, feeling, and values behind your brand. Our team will ensure that those characteristics are poured into the videos. Work with us to make use of our cutting edge technology, insights, and vision to leverage those opportunities. 

Whatever shape, size or design you want, our doors are always open to any query or demand that you may have.For more details please visit

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