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Legal Translation Services Dubai

Legal translation requires qualified translators for translating legal documents. Translators selected should understand the legal implication of each phrase they use in translation, making sure that the translated phrases convey the same meaning. Legal translation involves documents like contract, summons, complaint, legal proceedings, judgments etc.

Legal translators employed by International Communication Services (ICS) are experts in legal terminologies and possess in depth knowledge in common law and civil legacy systems. Most of the ICS legal translators are certified legal translators or sworn court translators or interpreters.With the help of certified translators we also provide official certified translations of documents.

Native and professional legal translators working with International Communication Services (ICS Dubai) understand the local culture along with the knowledge of country’s legacy system ensuring accurate translation of legal documents. ICS follows stringent quality control processes based on ISO standards ensuring better quality of service to its clients and delivering products within the specified deadlines. Also, we maintain high standards of professionalism and confidentiality of clients in all aspects.

ICS as a translation agency provides legal translation in Dubai as it is a necessary mandate for starting/doing business in Dubai. In Dubai, Legal translation services are provided by very limited number of translation agencies, with ICS being one among them, offers its best and accurate legal translation in Dubai for competitive price.
ICS also offers back translation service in order to ensure that the translated documents mean the same as that of the actual documents. Clients interested in cross checking their translated documents can use this service and ensure that the translated documents convey the same meaning as that of the original documents. Back translation is performed by our expert translators and comparison results are made available to the clients. Back translation services are offered for both ICS and non-ICS clients by independent native translators in order to ensure the correctness of translated documents.