Communicate in Native Languages to Get Better Customers Engagement

John is an American who is fluent in English but has limited knowledge of Arabic. While Khalil is an Arab fluent in Arabic with a basic understanding of English. When John and Khalil meet, after an exchange of pleasantries and a few conversations later, they are unable to communicate their views. Each, having limited knowledge of the other’s language, communication for deep conversation is impossible.

As a brand, you need to learn a lesson from above. To gain a foothold in the global market, you need to communicate with your customers in their native languages. Also, you can get better engagement with them when you communicate in their native language. Thus you need to localize your content for better customer engagement.

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How native language enables better customer engagement?

  • Consumer Experience - Personalized According to Gartner, more than price and product, customer experience will be the key differentiator among brands. Communication is one of the key elements in a customer’s shopping experience. And these are the days of personalization where consumers are expecting a brand to communicate about their products in a personalized way. Thus, by providing the costumers with readily understandable content, there will be better customer engagement with your brand. This is possible by using the native language for communication.
  • Different Markets - Different Approaches Standardization has been the norm for many years. Big brands such as Mc Donalds single-mindedly pursued standardization. But, the strategy failed. While a marketing approach works well in one market, replicating it in another market may not yield the desired results. Similar is the case with the use of native languages.

    When you use standardized language, say English, across markets, you may not engage with your customers equally. Within the Anglophone countries, there are differences in the way each country speaks English. Thus, you must localize your marketing materials and web content for better customer engagement.

  • Post-Sales Engagement Often, businesses concentrate more on customer support in their home markets in comparison with international markets. Thus, at a global level, brands struggle with customer engagement.

According to a research by CSA, a survey of 3000 respondents revealed that 85% of them prefer post-sales support in their native languages, and 74% of them are willing to purchase again from the same brand when customer support is in their native language.

Thus, you must invest in multilingual customer support by hiring an agency offering localization services in Dubai.

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