Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MLSEO) is the latest buzzword in Internet Marketing. Multilingual SEO refers to the optimization of your website for certain keywords in order to achieve higher rankings in search engines around the world, including the ones that are in local languages of various countries.

Multilingual SEO Services

The process includes creation of multilingual website, optimization and manual submission to the appropriate foreign language search engines.

More than two-thirds of the online population speaks a language other than English and over 99% of all searches internationally are conducted in the native language of the user. That is a large potential client base you could be missing out on if you have just the English language search engines covered. Your SEO on non-English search engines is just as important to your online marketing success as your English website to reach potential international customers. Also, compared to launching a multilingual print advertisement, TV commercials or radio campaign, multilingual SEO is a very economical way to capture new customers and achieves a much higher return on investment.

Keywords are not the only factor in optimizing your multilingual website. Localization and appropriate translation is essential to ensure that your content is culturally appropriate and clearly understood. This is where International Communication Services (ICS) brings to the fore its vast expertise in Translation and Localization services combined with Internet marketing to provide you with highly effective Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your websites.

To compete in the international space, you do not have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of translating and localizing your entire site at the start. Of course, you can have your entire website translated if you so desire, but multilingual search engine optimization can also be achieved by translating three-to-five pages of your website in the beginning to gain access to the international customers via foreign search engines. As a first step, we will create a translated and localized website for you and host it on the country-specific domain to provide you full local exposure. Next, we will identify a list of search terms or keywords that people might use to find your website in their own local language. This is not as simple as translating your existing English keywords. We take into account various intricate nuances of the language before translating, as people across the globe use a different keywords or phrases to look for the same service or product. A search phrase in English may involve three-four words while in some other language one or two words may be sufficient to express the same phrase. Also, direct translations may not always yield the desired results as people may be using a completely different, more popular and localized term for their online searches. This is where our vast experience in translation and localization delivers value to you with appropriate, highly effective and culturally acceptable keywords based on an exhaustive linguistic research carried by our experienced team. Some of our most popular multilingual search engine optimization services include languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese and many others.

If you want to gain access to the world markets and haven't yet put an online marketing strategy for achieving it, let ICS pave the way for you with Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) combined with its Translation and Localization services.

International Communication Services provides search engine optimization in more than 50 Languages.

Asian Languages SEO

Burmese | Bangladeshi | Chinese | Cambodian | Dari | Indonesian | Japanese | Khmer | Korean | Kurdish | Lao | Malay | Malagasy | Nepalese | Pushto | Singhalese | Sorani | Sylheti | Thai | Vietnamese

Middle East & Eastern European Languages SEO

Albanian | Arabic | Bulgarian | Croatian | Czech | Estonian | Farsi | Hebrew | Hungarian | Mongolian | Polish | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Slovenian | Slovak (Slovensky) | Tajik | Turkish | Ukranian | Uzbek

European Languages SEO

Danish | Dutch | Finnish | French | Flemish | German | Greek | Icelandic | Italian | Maltese | Norwegian | Portuguese | Spanish | Swedish

African Languages SEO

Afrikaans | Amharic | Lingala | Swahali | Somali | Twi | Zulu

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