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ICS Dubai is a global consortium for integrated marketing communication services specializing in offering you Content, Creative and Promotional Services. We help you achieve your dreams in achieving big by providing all the necessary services that you will require to expand your business.

What We Offer?


  • Many Manufacturers, Oil and Gas providers, Automobile dealers, Dairy Products, Transportation, Industrial and Logistics providers are considering shifting their offshore production back to their home countries. A significant proportion of these companies still make use of outsourcing to other businesses overseas. Hence, whether you’re sending technical drawings or instruction manuals, translation, interpretation, localization and transcription services are needed to help these two parties communicate clearly and effectively.
  • We provide content services to the above industries so that you can sell products globally. We provide accurate packaging and health and safety information which will be needed to translate into the target market’s language for the product to sell.
  • Just like manufacturing sector, the pharma and medical industry, healthcare is global, and content services are required for everything from dosage instructions on medicine to patient notes. We merely do not provide translation that helps the medical industry tick over worldwide; we are also the pioneer in giving interpreting and transcription services, which are invaluable services.
  • Consequently, Aviation, Hospitality, Leisure and tourism are another global industry and with that comes the need for translation, interpretation, subtitling and localization services. ICS Dubai supports you in presenting accurate translation which is essential for maintaining good relationships with global clients and partners. Thus, ensuring building brand loyalty with consumers.
  • We also provide Desktop publishing, E-learning content translation to the Academic, Digital Marketing and Education sector. Many colleges and universities are using our Content services to ensure their message, and ethos can be understood by students around the world.


  • Digital Marketing, fashion, Media, advertising agencies are among the industries that need the most creative assistance. Sure, these companies employ designing artists and graphic designers, but they sometimes require additional help from other design firms and freelancers. We are an integrated marketing company that enjoy the best team to serve and assist you in Designing and Printing, Copywriting, Multimedia Services and Multimedia Presentations.
  • We also work with Products Packaging & Manufacturing companies. These companies need the most creative assistance in establishing themselves as the biggest brand. The manufacturing, logistics, industrial firm and packaging industry tends to utilize our expertise design firms over freelancers to accommodate their needs.
  • We also provide creative services to Magazine & Textbook Publishing, Media, Architectural, Software, Diamond and Insurance firms. These industries have hired and worked with us to in developing their Website Designing, Application Designing, Exhibition Stall Designing and choosing Creative Corporate Gifts for their clients.
  • ICS Dubai has also worked with the above industries in creating and establishing their brand by Logo Designing, Letter Head Designing, Business Card Designing, Envelope Designing and Brochure Designing.

Promotional Services

  • Real estate sector, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Government, Gaming and Software is one of the biggest consumers of promotional products. Clients from these sectors work with us to explore the regions and create marketing strategies to sell their products. We use different SEO Services, Multilingual SEO Services, Google PPC Ads, SMO Services, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing to promote various products.
  • In the education sector, schools and colleges have worked with us for promotional items at various events. As an event management company and exhibition builders, we provide these promotional services in school and college fairs, seminars, expos, workshops and open houses.
  • We also cater to healthcare, medical, pharma industries for business promotion. We have designed websites an indulged in corporate branding for clinics, hospitals, outpatient clinics and surgery centers.
  • The government departments, political candidates, public offices, and agencies are also major buyers of our promotional services. We create novel and ingenious Google PPC Ads, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing to promote a message from the government.

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At ICS Dubai, we encourage companies advance their businesses and brand through an integrated approach to marketing. We believe that to build up and multiply your business, you need Content, Creative and Promotional Services. These services help you execute effective digital marketing, creative, advertising and public relations programs that all work together to help clients achieve their goals and provide a return on their marketing investment.

In every case, we have achieved success for clients by synergizing all multiple services together, making each facet of their marketing program stronger and more effective. Call or Reach Out to Us by Email.

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