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Business expos or trade exhibitions have been trending in recent years for the exposure they give to brands and business opportunities they provide. They have been one of the key marketing communication tools that brands are deploying even in this digital age.

Be it for branding or promoting new products or targeting global markets, participating in business exhibitions is a sure way to achieve these goals.

Having said the importance of exhibitions, the key element in achieving success at an exhibition is by getting the right attention to your stall.

Understand this, amid numerous stalls that are present at an exhibition, grabbing the eyeballs of the visitors is a challenge. Also, with some businesses dealing in the same trade as you, the competition will be high, and distinguishing yourself from them is the key.

You can grab the attention of the visitors by placing a stall that is unique and attractive. And here lies the importance of International Communications Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai).

What Do We Do?

What we do is not just exhibition stall designing in UAE, but we create stalls that will help your business grow. Our stall design will help achieve your purpose of participating in an exhibition.

Be it for branding purposes, launching new products, dealer meetings, entering global markets, or looking for new business opportunities, we design exhibition stalls for everything.

How We Do It?

Space Management

In an exhibition hall, space availability is limited. And to achieve your goals, you need a stall that utilizes the limited space to the maximum. It is where we excel. From very small to large, we design stalls of every size. Through our innovative design, we maximize the space available and allow for complete utilization of the space.

Customized Design Solutions

We understand that each business has a unique style and approach to doing things. They have their own set of brand values. Making all these visually appear in an exhibition stall means you need a customized solution. And we are happy to help here. Our team of creative designers will make sure that the stall is customized to your needs and is unique and appealing. From portable to modular, we provide customized solutions in every type of exhibition design.

Interior Design

Not only the external appearance of the stall, but the interiors of the stall help grab the attention of the visitors. Our team of interior designers will create attractive interiors that make visitors spend more time in your stall and know more about your business. From choosing the right materials to the choice of furniture, we take care of all.

Fabrication and Execution

We also undertake fabrication and execution of the stall. Our team of architects and artisans are exceptional at this. They make sure that your exhibition stall stands tall from the beginning until the end of the exhibition without any hiccups.

Affordable Services

Budget is always a concern for a business. We understand this and offer affordable design solutions for you. You can choose from a range of designs within your price point.

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