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Dubai stands out as one of the most rapidly growing economies globally. At our translation agency in Dubai, we understand that translating your documents demands a tailored solution with a personalized touch. ICS Dubai boasts in-depth expertise across diverse industries, ensuring that our translations are not only reliable but also have a direct and positive impact on your business.

ICS Dubai - Your Premier Certified Translation Agency in Dubai for Comprehensive Solutions

ICS Dubai specializes in offering top-notch translation services tailored to businesses of all sizes.

We are recognized as one of Dubai's leading translation service providers, and our guiding principles are precision, expertise, and punctuality.

We excel in bridging language gaps, offering swift, precise, and professional services in interpretation, transcription, copywriting, and translation, covering more than 200 languages from around the world.

Our extensive team comprises hundreds of certified linguists who consistently deliver high-quality translation solutions within your specified timelines and budget. With a dedicated team of over 70 experts and a global presence spanning 33 cities, ICS Dubai proudly holds the title of the largest translation company in Dubai.

Our meticulous processes ensure that all your translation needs consistently meet the most stringent standards of quality and accuracy.

As the premier translation service in Dubai serving diverse businesses, we offer a secure, cost-effective, and convenient means to access translations in various formats, catering to single or multiple languages.

We also provide legal translation services in Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, further solidifying our commitment to serving your diverse linguistic requirements.

Your Ultimate Translation Solution is Here!

Look no further for all your translation requirements! ICS Dubai is your trusted partner, ensuring the utmost quality and security in our services. With years of experience and a diverse clientele, we consistently deliver top-notch results.

Contact us today at +971 501580703 or email us at to experience excellence in translation.

Document Translation

Translating written documents, such as legal contracts, academic papers, business reports, and personal documents.

Website Translation

Adapting websites to make them accessible and comprehensible to users in different languages and cultures

Certified Translation

Providing officially certified translations for legal, immigration, or academic purposes.

Technical Translation

Translating technical and scientific content, including manuals, patents, and engineering documents.

Medical Translation

Translating medical documents, patient records, clinical trial reports, and pharmaceutical content.

Legal Translation

Translating legal documents, contracts, court transcripts, and patents with precision and accuracy.

Financial Translation

Translating financial statements, annual reports, investment documents, and banking-related content.

Business Translation

Translating business documents, marketing materials, business plans, and corporate communications.

Literary Translation

Translating books, novels, poetry, and literary works from one language to another.

Video Game Localization

Adapting video games to different languages and cultures, including translating dialogues and user interfaces.

Software Localization

Translating software applications and ensuring they function effectively in various linguistic environments.

Marketing Translation

Adapting marketing materials, advertisements, and campaigns for global markets.

Multimedia Translation

Translating subtitles, captions, voiceovers, and audiovisual content for films, TV shows, and online videos.

Scientific Translation

Translating scientific research papers, journals, and technical publications.

Academic Translation

Translating academic documents, theses, dissertations, and research papers for scholars and students.

Government Translation

Providing translation services for government agencies, including diplomatic documents and international relations.

E-commerce Translation

Translating product listings, e-commerce websites, and online store content for international markets.

Travel and Tourism Translation

Translating travel guides, brochures, hotel websites, and tourism-related content.

Localization Services

Adapting content, including software, websites, and marketing materials, to suit the cultural preferences of target audiences.

Interpretation Services

Providing live interpretation services for conferences, meetings, and events.

Subtitling and Captioning

Creating subtitles and captions for videos, films, and online content.

Voiceover Services

Recording voiceovers in different languages for audio and video projects.

Transcription Services

Converting audio and video recordings into written text in various languages.

Desktop Publishing

Formatting and typesetting translated documents to match the original design.

Language Consulting

Offering expertise and advice on language-related matters, including internationalization and language strategy.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Reviewing and improving machine-translated content for accuracy and fluency.

General Translation

Versatile translation solutions for various subjects and industries.

Media Content Translation

Adapt and translate media content for international audiences.

Driving License Translation

Ensure hassle-free international driving with our license translations.

Software Localization

Make your software user-friendly across languages and regions.

App Localization

Reach a broader audience by localizing your mobile apps.

Game Localization Services

Enhance gaming experiences by translating and adapting games for global players.

Why Choose ICS Dubai for Your Translation Needs?

  • Medical & Healthcare

  • Technology & IT

  • Retail & ecommerce

  • Education

  • Scientific Research

  • Non-Profit & NGO

  • E-Commerce

  • FMCG

  • Energy

  • Fashion

  • Real Estate

  • Automotive Industry

  • Life sciences

  • Legal

  • Media & entertainment

  • Business & Finance

  • Advertising

  • Marketing

  • Travel & hospitality

  • Gaming

  • Hardware, software, technology

  • Environmental & Energy

  • PR industrial & manufacturing

Why Choose ICS Dubai for Your Translation Needs?

Secure and Reliable

With over a decade of experience in the translation industry, ICS Dubai is a trusted and rapidly growing language services provider in Dubai. We prioritize the security of your confidential information and never share it with third parties.

Top Quality

Our Dubai-based translation agency offers a seamless and efficient way for your business to access translations in one or multiple languages. We boast some of the best and most experienced translators and specialists who are well-versed in the terminology and context relevant to your projects.

100% Human Translations

At ICS Dubai, we rely on native translators rather than unreliable machine translations, ensuring the development of accurate and consistent documents.

Competitive Prices

We take pride in delivering top-notch quality without compromising affordability. ICS Dubai offers language translation services with the best solutions at reasonable costs.

Still Need More Reasons to Contact Us?

ICS Dubai simplifies and streamlines the process of obtaining translations for your business across multiple languages. Partner with us to access the expertise of Dubai's finest and most experienced translators. For further details, please reach out to us at +971 501580703 or email us at Your language translation needs are our priority.

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