Integrated Marketing is the Next Tactical Business Solution

Integrated marketing is the art of strategically using different channels of marketing in the form of a TTL (Through the line) activity. This type of marketing plays a very important role in the attainment of objectives of any company in this age of digital revolution. It influences customer’s behavior by following objectives:

  • The primary goal of integrated marketing is to create customer awareness to survive market competition through techniques such as advertising, publicity, and personal selling.
  • The next objective of this marketing is brand loyalty. This involves customers making repeat purchases and recommending a brand to others. Company can develop brand loyalty with the help of sales promotions, effective personal selling and timely & efficient direct marketing.
  • The next goal is brand image which refers to a customer’s perception of a brand. Marketers use various techniques for developing the brand image.
  • Marketers use various integrated marketing communication techniques for the expansion of their market from local to regional to national levels.
  • If competitors have similar products, a marketer can use IMC techniques to show the superiority of their products and encourage buying.
  • Integrated marketing techniques are used to educate customers about, for instance, the use of a product, handling operations, etc.
  • Establishing integrated marketing is very essential for the growth of your business today as it helps to analyze resources efficiently and effectively. It also helps you target the intended au-dience.

Everyone loves a creative promotion of its company or products or services however, how good is a creative message which serves no benefit to your company. In order to come up with a good integrated marketing application, It is essential to have a deeper understanding about the offline and online channels of marketing . This means that there is a need for a thorough market research considering the type of product and customers. Once a complete understanding of the environment is established, the business is more likely be able to to get through to the potential customers with the right communication and right channels to reach out to them.

ICS Dubai is one of the most effective and updated Integrated Advertising Agency in Dubai which pro-vides best-in-class services to its customers. We understand your business from various other percep-tions which will help to design a message which effectively reach the customers and influence them to your products and services. Integrated marketing has helped thousands of companies reach the pinnacle of success. We have a team of experienced marketers who understand the need, complexities, statistics, and competition in the market. They design various strategies to make your business reach to the targeted audience and create an impact successfully.

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