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Integrated Advertising - The All-Important Aspect For Your Business

Imagine the struggle you need to face while allocating your time for marketing and core business. While sitting for marketing, you will realize that it is a time-consuming process. It leaves little room to work on your core business.

In marketing, there are many channels to cover. You must see that your marketing message is consistent across the channels. Yet, there will be a breakdown somewhere down the line. It leads to confusion among consumers, and they might become skeptical about your brand.

We understand that marketing is overwhelming. Already, your competitors are on the prowl looking for your prospects. Even a little slip will cost you dearly. It is where we come in. International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai) is an agency specialized in integrated advertising in UAE.

What Do We Do?

When you partner with us, our role is to remove your marketing burden. We shall become an extended department of your business, taking care of all your marketing needs.

Be it print, TV, digital, in-store experiences, or any other marketing mode, we shall market your products, promote your brand, communicate about your brand, build brand loyalty, generate leads, increase sales, and whatnot.

We make sure that your marketing message is consistent across channels and put an end to any confusion. With unique advertising campaigns, we turn your prospects into your customers.

How We Do It?

With over a decade of experience, we provide the best-integrated advertising in Dubai. Some of the things we do as an integrated agency are:

  • Public Relations: We handle your public relations, be it releasing a newsletter, managing a press conference, social media engagements, etc. Our sole aim is to present a positive image of your business in front of the public.
  • Design: Through the choice of colors, typography, form or shape, etc., we develop a brand design that is unique to your brand.
  • Brand Identity: Without a specific identity, a brand cannot survive. We design your brand identity by creating a logo, website, business cards, product packaging, etc., that sets your brand apart.
  • Digital Marketing: Be it SEO, Social Media Marketing, video production, online ads, etc., we provide complete digital marketing solutions.

These are only a few of our expertise in the display. As an integrated advertising agency, we undertake many types of marketing activities. We leave no stone unturned to make your marketing consistent and successful.

Our Strengths

It is our strengths that set us apart from our competitors. Our key strengths are:

  • The Team:¬†Integrated advertising needs a special skill set. Often, businesses do not possess such wholesome skill sets to undertake integrated marketing. With us, our team is a collection of exceptional talents with diverse marketing skills. We have content creators, graphic designers, website developers, art directors, creative directors, audio and video editors, and more.
  • Our Resources: A successful integrated agency will have both human resources and physical resources necessary for carrying out the entire range of marketing activities. ICS-Dubai has all the resources to execute integrated advertising. We have sophisticated DTP software, an audio recording studio, video production room, hi-tech printing machines, and more.¬†
  • Fast Advertising: In a world where opportunities are lost in a split second, we provide fast advertising. By following the trends regularly, we create marketing campaigns instantaneously and achieve the desired results.

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From being a buzzword in the boardrooms, integrated advertising emerged as the all-important element for the success of a business. It is time you adopted integrated marketing and chose us as your partner.

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