Importance of Medical Translation in Today’s Age

Medical Translation

The modern medical system is under immense pressure. Initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic showed that when answers to the questions raised are not forthcoming, the system will bear the brunt.

When things are coming back to normal, patients are more aware and demanding more information about their illness. It becomes the duty of the healthcare workers, who face the patients directly, answer the questions.

Now, imagine how healthcare professionals in Dubai must feel. Dubai, being a cosmopolitan city where people of various languages and cultures live, healthcare workers find it challenging to communicate with the patients without translation. Medical translation is thus essential for healthcare professionals in Dubai.

Why Medical Translation?

Translation plays a tremendous role today than ever in the medical industry. Here are some areas where the medical translation is vital.

1. Effective Communication and Transparency

Language barriers should not hinder a doctor in providing effective treatment. Similarly, patients should feel assured that their treatment is going in the right direction. It is possible only when there is clarity in communication between the medical staff and the patient. Here is where medical translation becomes useful.

Translating medical records will give the doctors a measure of the patient’s medical history and prescribe treatment accordingly. Similarly, consent documents in the patient’s language of comfort will provide transparency in service.

Thus, medical translation brings clarity in communication, provides transparency, and the health institution can provide better services to the patients.

2. Patients Can Understand their Pharmaceuticals

Information such as drug interactions with foods, side effects of overdosing or under-dosing medicines, medicine intake scheduling, etc., must be clearly understood by the patient. Such information must be provided to the patient in his/her native language.

Apart from this, translation of instrument handling instructions, medical device user manuals, instructions on disposal of medical waste, etc., will come in handy for a person caring for the patient.

3. Aids in Conducting Medical Research

Another area where medical translation is useful is in medical research. Informing the volunteers for clinical trials in their native language gives them the real measure of the consequences. Similarly, while publishing the research results in journals, translation is essential.

Knowing full about the importance of medical translation in providing healthcare service and in medical research, it is time you hire a translation company in Dubai.

Hiring A Translation Company

Not all translation companies in Dubai are capable of providing medical translation. As medical translation requires subject expertise and translation accuracy, you must hire only a Certified medical translation company. Such a company has legal vetting of the government and assures quality output.

One such company providing an accurate medical translation in Dubai is International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai).

Why ICS-Dubai?

ICS-Dubai has been providing translation services in Dubai for past many years. The company has the vetting of the UAE government to provide a certified translation.

With a professional team of medical translators spread across the globe, the company offers medical translation in over 100 languages.

Quality assurance, quick turnaround times, adherence to data confidentiality, and cost-effective prices are the hallmarks of ICS-Dubai.

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