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Medical Translation and Localization Services Dubai

Translation of content for the medical industry is matter of “life and death”, literally. Quality of translation is paramount and so is the process employed in the translation of medical content.

ICS Dubai provides medical translation to pharmaceutical companies, clinical trial and research companies, manufacturers of various health products etc.

Our resource base of over 300 translators, specialized in medical terminologies and usage, are spread across the globe located in the country, where the language is spoken to ensure that the accuracy of the medical translations delivered to our clients.

Our processes for medical translations include in-country language review by medical professionals who ensure that they meet the expectation of the medical fraternity.

We work with over 40 leading international medical research and pharmaceutical companies working on Clinical Trial (Drugs or Devices), Clinical Trial Reports, Informed Consent Forms, Patient Information Sheet, Case Report Forms, Patient Dairies, Product Labels, Product Catalogues, Informatory Leaflets, Toxicology reports, Pharmacology reports, etc.