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When you set out to establish your business, you must have made branding as one of your primary priorities. After spending painstaking hours, you must have given your business a brand identity. But as your business grows, you find that the branding strategy that you have chalked out initially can be modified to suit the dynamic environment. And as other areas of your business need attention, spending time on branding is a challenge for you.

Branding is not static. As your business grows and you add more products and expand your business plans, you need to reestablish your brand with a new identity. But often, rebranding is a tricky business. Even for big brands, rebranding is a challenge. Take, for example, PepsiCo, Inc. When the company came out with a new logo in 2009, there was severe criticism for the new logo.

To help you avoid such mishaps and reestablish your brand, International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai), the best branding agency in UAE, is here to help.

Our Expertise

We offer complete localised brand communication services, a rarity for a brand building agency. Our creative talent is best suited for carrying out unique branding and rebranding campaigns.

How We Do It?

Analyze the Business

Sometimes, the things that you have thought are best for your brand might be hampering your progress. Sometimes it may be wrong identification of your target group that limited your branding's impact.

During the rebranding exercise, we first and foremost analyze your business thoroughly. We undertake surveys, internal audits of your business processes, the marketing campaigns, the values, mission, and vision of your business, etc.

After analyzing all the data, we prepare a rebranding plan for your business.

Analyze the Customer

The customer's views on your brand are invaluable. They give you the best feedback and determine the success or failure of your brand. As part of our process, we carry out surveys with your customers. We identify the demography of your customers and the geography of your customers. Also, we understand their behaviour towards your brand, their expectations, etc. We use the information to plan and implement a rebranding strategy.

Identify Elements That Need Reestablishing

Rebranding is tough. Rethink twice if you are planning to your logo or your brand name as part of a rebranding exercise. In a recent rebranding exercise of Airbnb, its logo tweaking didn't go down well with the customers.

Primarily, visual elements are key to a successful rebranding. With ICS-Dubai, you will have a branding partner that is adept at giving a deep thought to your rebranding. From logo design to renaming your brand, and from changing your brand's colour scheme to identifying a new font to your brand, we do everything.

Carryout Brand Communication

After reestablishing your brand, we carry out a detailed brand communication strategy. We use both online and offline channels to spread your brand message. From digital marketing to ATL and BTL communication channels, we provide a 360-degree brand communication strategy to reestablish your brand.


More than building a new brand, reestablishing a brand is a tough task. To execute such an exercise successfully, you need an expert, and ICS-Dubai is the best you can get. Call us to know more about our services.

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