About Expo 2020 (20 October 2020 - 10 April 2021)

Dubai is hosting the World Expo which opened on October 20, 2020. Dubai was chosen as the host because lately, it has become the center for investments in various sectors such as economic growth, real estate, environmental avenues, and public affairs.

It is a grand celebration which can last for six months. It is the most massive event ever staged in the Arab World. 190 countries are participating in it. This means that millions of visitors are set to visit Dubai from across the globe. These visitors will bring with them innovations, experiences, and opportunities to friendships and business.

This year too, the theme will resonate with the past themes of humanity. The subthemes are-Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.

Expo 2020 intends to alter the future by collaborating with various visitors. It aims to unlock new potential by encouraging to discuss novel ideas to social problems and enacting them. It will also explore unfamiliar frontiers to embark upon the path to digital connectivity. It will also embody alternative sources of food, water, and clean and renewable energy to preserve the planet.

Expo 2020 will not merely be the meeting grounds of minds from the world, but also a field of activities and actions. You can unleash your inner techie by involving with extraordinary possibilities of 3D printing, off-the-grid with structures and autonomous vehicles to space travel. You can go on an architectural adventure and explore the site's living canvas. You can be experiencing the massive 360-degree projection surface which will bring Expo nights to life.

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Get entertained with over 60 live shows every day from all over the world. There will be an explosion of your senses from shows of operas to A-listers, pop-up theatres to flash mobs, and sports events to national day celebrations. Culinary dishes from diverse parts of the world will be served which will not only heighten your senses but will also compel you to ruminate about the future of food.

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How to Get Expo 2020 Dubai Tickets

Expo 2020 promises visitors to 'party with the world' with country-specific pavilions built in futuristic designs. Tickets are being sold to business travelers, from destination management companies, travel agents and academic institutions, while leisure travelers may have to wait. Those tickets will be available possibly by April. VFS Global is the official ticket reseller and it has already started sales of certain ticket packages. Tickets can also be secured from the travel agents and MICE companies that have assigned the rights to resell the tickets. Buyers interested in Expo 2020 can also visit the site and enjoy the available discounts. Various packages are on offer with suggested itineraries that include single and three-day passes to visit Expo 2020 Dubai.

How ICS interpreter, stall designing and translation services can help you in Expo 2020?


Millions of visitors from various countries are calling over Expo 2020. There are nationals from a different origins, cultures, and languages. Don’t let the language erect any barrier for you in opening up new opportunities. ICS interpreter will provide you with a better experience. Our interpreters are aware of cultural differences and will help you and your staff communicate effectively with clients of different languages and cultures. If you are unfamiliar with utilizing interpreter services, ICS will provide you with the best practices for communicating via a trained interpreter that will assist your organization in having a positive and effective interpreting session.

Stall Designing

As an exhibitor, Expo 2020 provides you with the most extensive exposure to new market trends. You might be more concerned about meeting your marketing or business expansion goals than creating an alluring stall design. An attractive stall will bring in more potential customers thus bringing in new business. ICS is an award-winning company with more than decades of experience in this sector. We are abreast of new design trends and know how to capture your audience’s attention and bring them to the stall. We incorporate the brand colors, logo, messaging and other elements that will impress clients of your brand image and bring uniqueness to your stall.

Translation services

As the Expo consist of people from different language and culture. You will require the support of a good translation agency that will provide you high-quality content and error-free document. ICS is a translation firm that offers you a sole point of contact to discuss your requirements throughout the translation process, be this by phone or email.

You will seek the support of translators to translate legal texts, tenders, minutes during the conferences, conversation in seminars or shows. Translation will also be required in preparing brochures, advertisements and any marketing strategies to captivate the buyers. ICS can serve you in translating various foreign languages. We employ skilled translators and linguists. Moreover, ICS have robust quality control procedures in place.

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