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Make Your Learners Cherish You With Our E-Learning Translation

Have you got an E-Learning course and want to share it with the global community? Or are you looking for an E-Learning partner for localizing the content? Whatever is your reason, International Communication Services-Dubai if there for you.

We are one of the best in the business of E-learning content translation in UAE. We offer complete E-learning content translation services.

What Do We Do?

An E-learning course could be of any type. Be it a text, an audio-visual, or an audio-only. Whatever is your E-learning material type, we take care of your translation needs.

Text Translation

A text-based E-learning course material is the most common type. With our in-house translation team, we are capable of translating your text to over 70 different languages. You will receive ready-to-share error-free course material within a prescribed time.

Script Translation

In an audio-visual E-learning content, the script plays the main role. If you are targeting a foreign language audience, script translation must be perfect. The translated version must deliver the exact meaning as the original. With ICS-Dubai, you will receive pitch-perfect script translation. Our language experts with subject matter expertise will take care of your script translation.

Subtitle Translation

If you are looking only for translating your E-learning video subtitles, we are more than capable of doing exactly that. As no language has a similar word limit to express a thing, subtitle translation is a challenge. While maintaining the time limit, the meaning of the translated subtitles must be similar to the original. We understand all these things and take great care in delivering the right translation.

Transcription Translation

A transcription of an audio recording or an audio-visual will go a long way in improving learning outcomes. If you have already created a transcript of your E-Learning content and want the perfect translation for your target audience, we are here to help with all our experience and expertise.

Audio Recording

If you are looking to translate and record your E-learning audio or video materials, ICS-Dubai can do both. While our language experts translate the content, our voice-over artists provide the voice in the target language.


A key element in maintaining relatedness with the target audience through your translated E-learning material is by localizing the content. Our language experts are highly-qualified native speakers and subject domain experts. They provide localization, unlike any.

How We Do It?

Our clients love us because we provide the best E-learning content translation in Dubai. All this did not come to us easily. With the hard work and dedication of our wonderful team, we were able to achieve this.

Technologically speaking, we have all the best equipment necessary for e-learning translation. Our audio recording room is state-of-the-art. We have sophisticated software for carrying out DTP translation, subtitles coding, graphic designing, etc.

Do Not Worry Over Cost

We assure you that the cost will not be a matter if you associate with us. We offer the best services at competitive prices. Giving a quality result is what we are determined to provide you.

Come, partner with us, and we shall both lay a foundation for your success.

Whatever shape, size or design you want, our doors are always open to any query or demand that you may have.For more details please visit www.ics-dubai.com

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