Why Is Web Content Translation In Demand?


Web content is the primary mode through which people know about your brand and your products. While English is the predominantly used language for web content, only 2 billion out of 7.6 billion world population understand English (after considering those with English as a second language). Even if you create web content in Arabic, your website will reach only 422 million people. This means you will be missing a vast number of people.

As more and more people can access the internet, people are seeking information in their native language. If you are unable to provide information about your products or business in the language your target audience understands, you will be missing out on business.

Many businesses across the world are thus investing in web content translation to target multiple audiences from multiple regions. Even here in the UAE, as more startups and small businesses are venturing out to distant lands, there is a huge demand for website translation in Dubai.

Not just providing information, translating web content has many benefits.

1. Boosts Traffic To Your Site

Useful content that piques the interest of your target customers will naturally boost your web traffic. When you translate the content into a target language, more native language speakers will visit your site. Better still, if you develop a multi-language website, you will reach a far wider audience across the globe.

2. Benefits of Local Language SEO

Google and other search engines use keywords and metadata to rank a webpage in the search result. By translating web content and metadata, you will increase the page ranking in localized search results and will also have far broader keywords to target. This means there will be more visitors to your site.

3. Creates A Positive Brand Perception

Despite being a non-local company, the concern and care you took to provide information in the local language create a positive brand perception among people in the target market. And professional website translation from a Translation Company in Dubai will help generate brand awareness without giving scope for a mistranslation and bad reputation.  

4. Builds Trust - A Crucial Factor In International Business

When a user faces negative experience while visiting a website, they are more likely to not return to the site. In countries like Germany, France, and Japan, where native language occupies dominant space, generating positive experience is a must. With translated content, you create a positive experience and build customers’ trust in your brand.

5. Increased Conversion

According to a survey conducted by CSA-Research, 55% of online users prefer buying in their native language. Not just this, survey after survey shows that web users are comfortable buying in their native language. Thus, web content translation will help you increase your conversion rate.

Take Away

While web content translation is a must when targeting international customers, professionally translating content is that much more essential. It is where International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai) comes in.
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