Why ICS Is The Best Translation Services Company in Dubai?

The success of an organization depends on how well it communicates its messages. Be it branding, marketing, internal communication or official communication, breaking the language barrier is necessary. In a global city like Dubai where many Multi-National Companies (MNCs) calls it their home, breaking the language barrier is important.

Translation services in Dubai thus assume significance. With Arabic being the commonly spoken tongue and the official language, MNCs need to translate their texts or documents into Arabic.

Now, how to get the best translation services in Dubai? It is by hiring the best translation company in Dubai. One such company is the International Communication Services (ICS) Dubai.

Why Choose ICS?

ICS Dubai is the provider of marketing communication services with translation as a key service. From personal translation to business translation, the company provides expert translation services.

Here are some attributes of ICS Dubai to show why it is the best in the field.

1.Global Consortium

ICS is a global consortium. It has translation expertise in over 70 languages which makes it a unique service provider. The company aids in your global ambitions by speedily communicating message in native languages.  

2. Translation Diversity

No matter the sector in which your business works, ICS can translate text from diverse fields. Be it medical text or technical text, the company has an excellent translation track record. Also, the company can translate legal documents which becomes essential when you are working in a country like Dubai where Arabic is the official language of communication.

3. Subject Experts

Translating technical text into a language other than English is a challenge. Identifying the correct word and placing it in the text needs certain skill. ICS has a large pool of subject experts for translation who can solve this problem. They help in providing error-free and factually correct text in the target language.

4. Localization

Plain translation of the text into a target language is not sufficient to attract prospects. This is especially so when you are using online channels to get customers. Content that is localized with words that have appropriate local cultural connotations or symbolism will attract the prospects in local markets. ICS Dubai is an expert in providing such localized content.

5. Integrated Translation

Technological advancements brought many translation software to the fore. But, accurate and error-free translation is possible when there is a right mix of both human and technological efforts. Going by this principle, ICS uses an integrated approach to translation. It uses both human translators and technological solutions to bring the best output.

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