Why Do Brands Need to Change the Promotional Strategies After Lockdown Has Been Lifted

COVID-19 has struck the world economy unlike any other event in the past. Predictions are being made about the global recession that could be more severe than the ‘Great Depression of the 1930s.

Post Lockdown Scenario

Businesses are struggling to compete as the lockdown restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the virus are severely impacting them. The demand is low now and sales have nose-dived. The existing promotional strategies are not working, and brands must change their strategies post lockdown to gain customers.

Brands will face a different world in the post lockdown scenario. Though the spread of the virus may not be abated, governments are likely to lift restrictions to get the economy running. People will be cautious venturing out of their homes. Retail stores, malls, entertainment centers, and other crowded commercial spaces will witness low footfalls. In such a scenario, brands cannot promote themselves on existing strategies. New, bold, and innovative strategies will be the need of the hour.

Building and executing such new strategies in a short time is a daunting task for any brand. It is here International Communications services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai) comes into play.

ICS-Dubai - A Strategic Marketing Consulting Firm

Lockdown has made customers to almost forget their favourite brands. In the post lockdown world, brands have to start from scratch to regain customers. ICS-Dubai, with its expertise in creating impactful brand promotion strategies, is all set to make your brand thrive again.

Some Strategies That We Recommend

    1. Customer-Centricity

Gone are the days where branding strategies are targeted towards a wider section of people. Now, the strategies must be sub-customer centric, where you will be starting with finely categorised individual customers and build from there. ICS-Dubai will help you by researching your customers, their expectations post lockdown, and chalk out a strategy to bring them back to your fold.

    1. Enhanced Digital Marketing Activities

The norms of social distancing and staying indoors for work will mostly continue post lockdown. ICS-Dubai recommends enhanced spending on digital marketing because it is in the online space that you will find your customers. Since the beginning of lockdown, people across the world are spending large amounts of time on the internet. Be it for communicating with their dear ones or for entertainment the internet, is the go-to place of people. ICS-Dubai, with its unique digital marketing strategies, promotes your brand online.

  1. Lend Support to the Community

The current period is a difficult period for all. As a responsible brand, if you can lend your support to the community, your brand will get the attention it needs. When people see that your actions are helping them and giving them assurance in the future, they will make your brand their favorite. ICS-Dubai helps you here, by creating content that appeals to the people, content that adds value to the people, and content that has your brand's values in it.

ICS-Dubai is here to help you in these difficult times. Be assured of your brand's future.

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