Why Choose ICS-Dubai for Translation Services?

Operating a business in an uncertain world is difficult. Language is one such uncertainty that businesses have to face while operating in a foreign market.
If you are looking to expand your business to Dubai, then language will be your primary barrier. Though the city is cosmopolitan, in many aspects, the local language comes into play. Be it in legal documentation, marketing your products or providing training to local employees, local language plays a part.

That is why choosing a good translation agency in Dubai will remove the language uncertainty and help you run your business smoothly.

International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai) is one such translation agency in Dubai that will provide you with the best translation services.

Why Choose ICS-Dubai?


A good translation agency possesses all the resources necessary to finish a translation project. ICS-Dubai has these necessary resources. It has sophisticated software to undertake Digital Publishing (DTP) in translation, style guides, knowledge resources, and much more to finish the translation work with 100% accuracy.


No agency can work without a proper team. ICS-Dubai has a dedicated team of translators from diverse areas - legal, medical, business, judicial, etc. They have subject expertise as well as a grasp on the target language. ICS-Dubai offers translation in over 80 global languages.

If you know a thing or two about translation then you must know the importance of DTP experts in translation. The company has a professional team of DTP experts who see that the final text is similar to the source text.


A professional agency will have proper communication with you all the time. Be it about the poorly written source text, changes needed to the text, or any other issues, the agency communicates. ICS-Dubai does all these things and is client-centric in its approach.


ICS-Dubai is not only a translation agency but it is also one of the top digital agency in Dubai. Through its digital translation services, it helps your website host content that is in the local language, yet keeping the original idea of your website intact.


ICS also offers localization services that are becoming important in the current age. People are preferring content that is in their language, uses local dialect, and is culturally appropriate.

Language Service Provider

Overall, ICS-Dubai is not just a translation agency. It is a language service provider offering a plethora of language services.

It is time you choose ICS as your translation partner to remove the language uncertainty in your business operations.

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