Why choose an agency over freelancers for content translations

If you are also confused between choosing agency or freelancers for content translations, then we have come up with 5 important criteria which will help in determining the best fit for your project.

Hiring a freelancer requires careful planning and preparation. Their income depends on multiple ongoing projects which means lack of focus and delay delivery. Eventually you will end the relationship with them. An agency on the other hand is comprised of several individuals who are specialists in their respective fields and fulfill specific roles for their project. While this generally means higher cost; it also equates to a broader array of services and on-demand availability.

Price: Cost alone is often the number one reason behind the decision of who to hire.

Quality: You get what you pay for.

Turn-around time: It doesn’t matter how good the quality or how low the cost if your project is not delivered on time.

Experience: The more experienced a freelancer or an agency is, the more efficient they are.

Dependability: Nothing can ruin a project faster than putting trust in someone who isn’t dependable.

The world of digital marketing is moving at a lightning speed. In this fast-changing digital space, you need a trusted agency to perfect your brand positioning. Digital agencies hire highly experienced and skilled professionals who have extensive industry exposure, niche expertise, and team-based approach. Agencies build a talent pool. Teamwork within agencies help in strengthening business scalability, converting prospects into customers, and turning customers into repeated buyers. Unlike professionals in agencies, freelancers work individually often within limited insights, thereby, lacking fresh perspectives needed for business growth.

Digital agencies provide consistent support which help brands excel. Freelancers services are inadequate which hamper business projects. Dedicated teams within agencies help fast-track projects thus they know how to manage time. Freelancers juggle multiple projects and delay submissions. Agencies leverage paid analytical tools to determine KPIs whereas freelancers are unable to afford premium tools needed for data analysis.

Agencies provide scalability which results in a wide industry exposure helping in a progressive business and freelances have little industry exposure which often hinder business scalability. Unlike freelancers, digital agencies succeed at lead generation because they offer a healthy marketing mix which includes social media, gated content, case studies, e-books, and much more.

Modern day customers are mostly active on digital channels. So, leverage the most effective digital marketing hacks by hiring ICS Dubai which is one of the renowned content translation agencies in Dubai. We will understand your budget, offer transparency, be equipped with broad digital expertise, and get your projects rolling.

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