What Is Audio Transcription and Which Industries Need It the Most?

In the content realm, the shift from text to audio and video is phenomenal. Thanks to the advances in digital technologies, the shift was possible within a short period. 

Now, enter the pandemic years, the demand for audio and video content has increased by manifold. The audio/video content generation has also increased.

From Zoom office conferences to telemedical consultations, volumes of audio/video recordings are generated every day. These recordings will have meaning if they are transcribed and put in a readable format. Thus audio transcription services have become an integral part of many industries. 

Here is a list of industries that need audio transcription services the most. 

1.  Academics

Online lectures via video conferencing systems have become the new normal. Sitting at their offices, lecturers are spreading knowledge to their wards across the world. Here, live transcription services come in handy. 

Similarly, researchers audio or video record their scientific experiments and findings, lest it is tedious to take notes. They later transcribe the recordings to get accurate information from their recordings. With professional audio transcription services, indexing the recordings and theme-wise searching is possible.

2.  YouTubers

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms. It provides access to millions of videos, and video content creators use the platform to earn money. YouTubers are increasing their video-watching time by adding video transcripts.

The transcripts are aiding them in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and increasing their video’s visibility. Apart from YouTubers, Podcasters and other video marketers are also using the transcription.  

3.  Healthcare

Transcription in the medical industry is already an allied profession. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals dictate medical information that is either audio/video recorded. These spoken words get a textual form thanks to transcription services. 

Accurate medical transcriptions are necessary for proper patient treatment and medical research. 

4. Market Research

Gone are the days where market researchers painstakingly take notes from customer interviews and discussions. Embracing tech, market researchers are now recording their interviews. The recordings are then sent for transcription. 

With verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcription, market researchers can get raw data or precise information from the recordings. And with other transcription services, the market researchers can receive the text file in the format they want to feed the data processors for in-depth analysis. 

5. Enterprises/Businesses

At this time of Zoom meetings and audio messages, enterprises can use live transcription for effective communication. Also, enterprises can send recordings of seminars and conferences for transcribing. Valuable information awaits to be discerned. 

To Conclude 

Transcription services are not limited to a few industries. In the internet age, almost any industry can use transcription services for better outcomes. 

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