Trends and the Future of Advertising

With technological advancements and the changing consumer expectations, the advertising landscape will see a sea-change in the coming decade. Already, many of the futuristic ad trends are being implemented across channels.

The changing regulatory landscape, which is giving importance to privacy, is also forcing advertisers to change their tactics. Overall, the next decade will be exciting for the ad industry. Some of the advertising trends that we can see in the future are as below.

1. Rise of AI-Based Advertising

Artificial Intelligence has been in use in the advertising industry for a while now. Customer satisfaction features like support systems are already being run using AI tools. The chatbot is a prime example.

Now, enter the next decade, AI will be everywhere in the advertising industry. From screening and analyzing the data to suggesting personalized ad solutions, AI will become prevalent. It is only natural that this promising tech progresses in the advertising industry as more and more consumers expect personalization.

2. Evoking Emotions Becomes the Norm

A new buzzword in the ad industry is ‘storitization.’ The term effectively means that an ad has a narrative, a plot, and elements that evoke emotions in the audience. As such, brands will try to create ads surrounding real social issues that will evoke strong emotions.

Nike did it, so did Gillette and many other brands. This trend will surely catch on in the coming years.

3. Catering to Experience-Seeking Habit

With the advent of technology, there is a dramatic shift in consumer behavior. From being a passive recipient of whatever ad is thrown at them, consumers now expect brands to provide them with new ad experiences.

Thus, catering to the experience-seeking habit, brands will be fine-tuning their ad campaigns. Personalization, interactiveness, and emotional aspects will all find their way in the ads of the future.

4. Rise of Interactive Advertising

The widespread use of interactive tech defines the next decade. Wearable devices, voice assistants, AR, and VR are some of the interactive techs that will dominate the future. Interactive tech has already made its mark, but its adoption will see an uptick in the coming years.

Thus, based on these technologies, advertisers will design interactive ads.

The Future of Advertising

The advertising future is not all rosy. Challenges in the form of technology and government regulations will push the ad industry to move in a new direction. Some of the challenges are:

1. Google’s Termination of Individual Tracking

Google has recently announced that it will terminate third-party cookies tracking by 2022. This means there will be no more tracking of the individual by Google while visiting various sites. For marketers, this is a setback as ads are customized for individuals based on the tracked data.

But, Google announced an alternative in the form of Federated Learning of Cohorts or FLoC where instead of individuals, Google will track a cluster of individuals with similar interests and provide the data to the advertisers. The new method has shown promise, and eventually, advertisers will accept it as Google is the largest web browser in the world.

2. Ad Blocking Tools

Digital advertising will become a challenge with users blocking ads. The availability of many free ad-blocking tools is not helping the industry. Advertisers must find ways to overcome the challenge.

3. TV Ads Loses Sheen

With entertainment shifting to the online space, TV viewers have declined. Major advertising agencies in Dubai thus believe that TV ads are losing sheen. As such, brands will spend less on TV ads and find alternative marketing avenues on the OTT platforms.

Treading the Future

In the future, you cannot tread the advertising world alone. You need an expert partner to make your marketing campaigns successful.

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