Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai, UAE

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai

What is digital marketing? 

Any ad done over digital channels is alluded to as Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the utilization of the Internet to arrive at clients.

An umbrella term envelops the approaches to drawing in clients that incorporate content marketing, SMS, online media stages, email showcasing, member advertising, search stages, and then some. 

As per marketing specialists, digital marketing is another undertaking that incorporates new and creative approaches to arriving at clients and understanding their conduct when contrasted with traditional advertising. 

The reason for marketing has forever been associating with the likely crowd and that too at the ideal locations, and the ideal opportunity where you can meet them whenever is the Internet. 

Organizations use digital channels to interface with their clients, including online media stages, web indexes, messages, and different channels to associate with planned and current customers. 

The most amazing aspect of digital marketing is that it can occur on smartphone applications, computer games, subway platforms, or mobile phones. 

Importance of digital marketing - 

Digital marketing empowers you to contact a bigger crowd than traditional marketing strategies. As a result, you can focus on those possibilities that will probably buy your administrations or items. 

Above all, advanced promoting is savvier than traditional marketing. Likewise, it is quantifiable, which infers that you can gauge your prosperity consistently and achieve changes in your marketing strategies as per your needs. 

Also, digital marketing gives you great chances to ensure that you benefit from your venture. It likewise empowers you to outclass greater players in an industry like yours. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of digital marketing is quantifiable, which implies that it furnishes you with a complete perspective on every one of the measurements that incorporate offers, clicks, views, impressions, and time on a page. 

The scope of digital marketing in Dubai- 

Perhaps the biggest market for digital marketing services is that of Oman. At last, the market is confronting huge interest for digital marketing subject matter experts, and internet marketing company has made UAE the roaring business open positions for digital marketing experts. 

Today, organizations of each size, limited or huge scope, are using digital marketing to arrive at their likely clients. As a result, various employment opportunities are accessible in Dubai for different digital marketing specializations and designations. For example, a portion of the industries that appeal to digital marketing experts incorporates medical care, land, retail locations, cordiality, car vendors, eCommerce, ad offices, car sellers, etc. 

Some of the specializations you can pick to get some work in Dubai, UAE is - 

  • SEO Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Lead Generation Expert
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Certified Google Ads Expert
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist 

PayScale of digital marketing professional in Dubai - 

PayScale's normal yearly salary of a Digital Marketing proficient in UAE is around AED 184,000. 

However, the salary shifts for some aspects like abilities, capabilities, experience, specialization, area information, area, etc. 

The most lucrative cities for Digital Marketing experts in UAE are: 


Abu Dhabi


Most organizations like to enlist applicants with certificates and experience. 

Responsibilities of a digital marketing professional in Dubai- 

The Responsibilities of a digital Marketing proficient shift with the job profile, kind of industry, and the task you work in. A portion of the vital responsibilities of a digital marketing professional are: 

  • Perform business analysis
  • Understand the requirements of clients
  • Analyze online markets to identify and evaluate digital marketing opportunities.
  • Develop strategies for digital marketing according to the requirements of clients
  • Conduct competitive research
  • Develop SEO strategies based on client requirements
  • Execute on-page and off-page SEO activities
  • Plan social media content and strategy
  • Create a strong presence on social media
  •  Generate leads for clients
  • Stay updated with the current trends of the market
  • Develop ad campaigns on social media 

Requirements that you need to be a digital marketing professional in Dubai-  

  • Four-year certification or graduate degree in any field (Computer Science is liked). 
  • Good communication skills (both verbal and written). 
  • Recognitions or testaments that are industry perceived from rumored foundations. 
  • As per the market pattern, the ideal information and experience of the most recent programming and analytical tools are mandatory. 
  • Industry certificates of Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, SEO, and HubSpot certificate.  


This entire blog is about the scope of digital marketing in today's world. But, to know better, International Communication Services (ICS), situated in Dubai, is the superior center for digital marketing across Dubai and the UAE.

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