Rules to Get a Great Commercial Voice Over

Why do you think some commercials attract the attention of the audience more than others? The secret lies in the power of the voice over for the commercial. Great commercials have powerful voice overs. They make the audience notice your commercial through an attractive presentation. More than the visuals, it is the voice that garners the attention.

If you want to get your commercials the success you seek, then you must make sure that the voice over in the commercial is right. Here are three rules to get a great commercial voice over.

1.Feature a Voice Over Actor

Often, successful commercials feature voice-over actors in it. Casting a voice-over actor for the commercial has many advantages. They give the right tone to the character and lend a professional appeal to your advertising message. Some businesses often use specific voice over actors in all their commercials, as the voice of the actor gets associated with the brand.

So, the first rule for a great commercial voice over is to cast the voice-over actor than an actor whose voice you have to dub again.

2. Authoritative Voice

Voice is the key to capturing the attention of the audience. The voice should be authoritative, which keeps the audience interested in the commercial. While providing information, the voice-over actor should not sound arrogant or patronizing in any way. An authoritative voice gives a confident face to your business. It grabs the attention of the viewers and instills a sense of trust in them.

3. Define the Tone

As a brand, you need to decide on the tone of the voice for your commercial. Should it be warm, light-hearted, friendly, humorous, or calm? When you set the tone right, your voice-over artists will deliver accordingly. To start with, define the tone in your brand guidelines. It will be useful not only for the voice-over artist but for both print and online marketing activities.

The tone determines how you will communicate your message to the audience.

4. Generate Excitement

Your aim with a commercial is to get your potential buyers excited about your product or service. It is possible if the commercial sound's interesting. Making the viewers excited in a faceless voice over commercial is a difficult task. Only, voice-over talents with skill are capable of doing it. So, choose an artist who is capable of generating excitement.

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