Machine translation Vs. Manual translation: Why humans rule?

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The translation is an essential tool that helps in creating the proper communication between companies, business and their clients across different regions or even countries. For many decades human translators have been used for this purpose. However, with the advent of technology, there has been a notable emergence of several machine translators that may help a lot in this task by offering faster results. Though nowadays, machine translators are replacing human translators in many areas, still human translators are better options than those automatic tools, and hence, you need a reputed translation agency in Dubai. We, International Communication Services, can offer you all kinds of translation projects with the right amount of accuracy while maintaining an excellent quality of the contents.

So, let us find out why humans can still remain better and more reliable translators than those automatic translators.

Why can humans be better translators than machines?

Though automatic translators can almost immediately complete most of the translation tasks, it is still inferior to the human translator. The reason for this is the four aspects of translation, such:

1. Quality of the content: While translating specific content, you cannot ignore or undermine the quality of translation, and hence, quality plays a vital role in the case of translating content. The automatic translation tools do not have the specific quality which can guarantee a proficient writing style. Every document comes with its own style and tone of writing, such as some of those can be funny, some can be persuasive, or some can be poetic; thus, while translating these documents, quality plays a crucial role. Sometimes you may need to translate poetry poses or even an argumentative essay; thus, translating those contents can be a difficult task for those machine translators.
As machine translation cannot understand and relate the format of writing, they tend to ignore the quality of the content. Thus, they deliver poor-quality content after translating the given piece. On the other hand, human translators ensure that the right quality of the translated content is achieved by recreating the content with a format that is similar to the given content.
Machine translators tend to compound simple words and hence, make them difficult to understand. So, while talking about the quality of translated contents, you cannot rely on machine translators and need to trust a professional human translator.

2. Accuracy of the content: You cannot possibly get an accurate translation of the given content from a machine translator. The reason for this inaccuracy is that machines cannot understand the culture. There are different lexical items that are connected to a particular culture. Such as machines cannot understand and determine names, slang, etc. Hence, this can turn out to be a major challenge to those automatic translators.

On the other hand, human translators are capable of understanding the tone of specific content and hence, can use the right kind of words that are needed for the accurate translation of the content. In some cultures, words can vary, whereas human translators can identify both the opposite and exact meaning of the word.

In this way, errors can be identified and rectified easily. In the case of automatic translators, accuracy serves as a major bane that only a professional human translator can solve. Human brains work with feelings and reasoning, through which humans can understand the mood of specific content and translate it with 100% accuracy.

3. Human input of the content: Translation cannot be done properly without human input. Automatic translators use Artificial Intelligence which cannot surpass or even be compared to human intelligence. So, for completing the task of translating contents effectively, human input is crucial. This is evident from the fact that, though machine translators can complete the translation process with great speed, they still need the help of proofreaders and copyeditors to offer an error-free translation. Thus, you will always need the help of experienced translation companies in Dubai, like International Communication Services.

4. Pricing of the content: It cannot be denied that price is a crucial factor that determines what type of service you will choose for your business. So, when you come to know that human translators are more affordable than machine translators, then you may think about hiring human translators for your project. So, by choosing the human translators of our International Communication Services over machine translators, you can have cheaper, superior and proficient translations for your business.

Therefore, there are many reasons why machine translators cannot replace human translators completely, and hence, you will need the exclusive services of experienced Translation companies in Dubai. We, International Communication Services, offer all those exclusive services regarding translation projects that can be really beneficial for your business.

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