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Millennials are an adventurous lot and are ardent travelers. The internet is the medium through which they are seeking information. They plan, budget, schedule, review the place, book tickets, and do more on the internet to set their next tour.

As a tour & travel startup, are you benefitting from this wanderlust? If you haven’t localized your website and content, then you are not.

Why is Localization Important for You?

When we say localization, please do not mistake it with translation. Localization is the process of adapting content or product to a locale’s language, culture, textual or non-textual components. Here, locale means language and the country or region you are targeting. Localization is thus a much bigger process than translation.
For a tour & travel startup, localization is essential to reach an international audience, and it starts with Website Localization.

Benefits of Localizing Your Website

1. Go Beyond Current Market

Chinese are the most ardent travelers. As per statistics, an estimated 155 million Chinese toured the world in 2018. You can estimate how the number will increase in the coming. If you want to reach the Chinese audience with your services, you must first let them know of your startup. Website localization is crucial here.
You need to understand an important thing here. When we say Chinese, they are not just people from mainland China. People from Taiwan and Hong Kong, with all their cultural differences, are Chinese. When localizing your website, you must take into account the differences.

Though the above example pertains to one country, localization is necessary to go beyond the current market.

2. Inform the Audience

Audiences across the world are comfortable learning things in their language. As such, a localized website appeals to the global audience.

For example, say you are a startup offering dynamic flight packages to your customers. Instead of quoting the prices in Dollars, for the specific locale, you must use the local currency denominator. It helps the audience comprehend the price, gaining you an advantage over your competitors.

Also, generating localized content means you are communicating with foreign travelers in the language they understand. This gains you the audience's trust and helps penetrate the market quickly.

3. Localization for Optimisation

Localization benefits a website by optimizing it for the search. It aids in putting in place content that fulfills the International SEO needs. This helps increase your website’s visibility in the target market.

How Can We Help?

The travel and tourism industry is dynamic. Content creation depends on your services offerings. And as a startup, creating localized content with quick turnaround time is the need of the hour. This is where we, International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai), excel.

ICS-Dubai offers the ideal Website Localization Services in Dubai for travel and tour startups. Our professional team of language experts, graphic designers, and web developers are native speakers and domain experts. The team manages each project professionally and delivers the content at the set deadline.

We understand that budget is a concern for you. Do not worry. At ICS-Dubai, we tailor-make a costing structure exclusively for you. If you want to know more about our website localization services in Dubai, please visit us at www.ics-dubai.com.

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