Know What Type Of Brochure Will Be Suitable For Your Business

Design is everything in a brochure. A well-designed one attracts the audience's attention. It is a perfect tool for advertising your products.

Now, there are numerous brochure designs available. How do you choose the right brochure design for your business? One way is by hiring an agency that provides brochure designing in Dubai. The agency will accurately select the brochure design based on your business niche and advertising objectives.

If you want to know about the various types of brochures available and choose the best design for your business, here is a simple guide.

Purpose Of A Brochure

The purpose of a brochure is to attract readers and motivate them to take action. The common goals of a brochure are:

  • To make the reader buy products or services
  • To make the reader contact your business
  • To generate leads

While designing the brochure, keep these goals in mind.

Basic Brochure Designs

Ask any brochure designing company it will surely recommend flyers for mass communication. It is the most basic of the brochure designs that are effective at grabbing attention. The content copy is on a single sheet of paper without any fold.

A bi-fold brochure is the most commonly used brochure design. In the bi-fold brochure, the paper is folded to the center. You can present the information on the front and back covers of the brochureand in the two internal panels.

A bi-fold brochure is suitable as a brand information magazine, meeting invitation, pricing sheet, product sheet, and the like.

Brochure Designs That You Should Try!

Gate Fold
Gate Fold brochures are for high-end marketing. It is made of premium paper for durability. Its unique design, where the folds are inward-looking and the eight-panel structure, makes it a compact brochure. You can provide as much information as possible with a gate-fold brochure. If you are adding many visual elements to the brochure, you should try the gate fold brochure.

Similar to Bi-fold, a tri-fold brochure has two folds in equal dimensions. If you are looking for distinctive design options, you should try tri-fold.

There are two types of folding styles in a tri-fold brochure - Barrel Style and Z-Fold. The Barrel Style brochure folds to the center with the left side going over the right. In the Z-fold, the brochure folds appear in Z shape.

A tri-fold provides ample space for information dissemination and best suits for high-impact campaigning.

Folders and Inserts
In this, brochures are placed inside folders or inserts, giving the brochure a mysterious appeal. Readers must open the folder to read the brochure. This type of brochure is best suited for corporate presentations and during conferences or exhibitions.

Bottom Line

A brochure's design determines whether a reader will read it or not. To design a unique brochure thus requires skill and expertise. Producing them in-house is an extra task and adds to your expenditure. Instead, you can hire a professional brochure designing company to get the best design.

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