Impact Of Covid-19 On The Travel Agencies In The UAE


During these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, every business in one way or the other has suffered through some loss. In the same way, translation companies went through a dark phase along with the foreign citizens of the United Arab Emirates. The measures that were taken by companies, offices, and governments to stop the spread of the dangerous virus also included the strict lockdown. People had to start working from home, adapt to some measures like video calling clients instead of face to face meetings, and stop the production of their international products.

Covid-19 has left a huge impact on everyone’s lives and people had to quickly adapt to better changes and this also led to difficulties like if a person does not have a good internet connection, he or she might not be able to attend the very important meeting.

Do travel agencies gain loss or profit during this pandemic?

You might wonder that translations can easily be done at home from computers but this does not make the loss of translation companies any better. There are numerous types of transitions and some of them also went to profit instead of loss like subtitling. Subtitling is a type of translation mostly seen in YouTube videos and so while taking meetings, cheating video logs to share with the audience people started to hire subtitles which lead to them in gaining profit. One more of the translation branch which gained profit was Medical Translation Services. People started to look for ways to protect themselves from the virus and translators were just perfect in their job, giving descriptions, uses, terms, and conditions, etc n their language for them to get a better understanding of the certain medicine.

Travel, tourist, hospitality translators have suffered through a great loss due to the pandemic. As the lockdown started, travel agencies also closed down not allowing anyone to travel from one country to another which led to the translators losing their jobs. People started going out less and less making translators lose clients more and more. Translators In The UAE faced great challenges but still managed to work their way through all of it which we appreciate.

Has the Covid-19 pandemic increased the demand for Language Service Providers in the United Arab Emirates?

The answer to this difficult question is both yes and no. The demand for language service providers or translators has grown tremendously when it comes to working from home. Businessmen need translators to communicate with international clients in order to keep their business growing. There has also been high growth in the need for translation courses as people also started to learn new languages during the lockdown. The United Arab Emirates started practising social distancing, the need for a person to person translations faced a huge loss. These face to face translators were a major need for every company however the coronavirus did not have any mercy.

Freelance translators and workers were thrown out of companies because of their lack of experience and as most of them worked part-time. This left a huge impact on individuals and companies. English to Arabic and/or Arabic to English translators also faced a huge loss as some native English speaking countries had put a very strict and restrictive measure to protect their country. These countries included the United States Of America and Australia.

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Bottom Line

However, some online websites and portals for translations still kept working 24/7 and are still in work. Language Service Providers have faced great challenges and those who still managed to keep their heads up are appreciated! It was tough for some portals, offices to keep up and translation companies fell into a hole of depression but as things are slowly getting better, the UAE is shining brighter than before.

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