How to Transcribe Video to Text?

With more businesses going for Zoom or Google Meet calls, they are prone to distortions and background noises. Thus, to make the conferences productive and clear, businesses are spending huge on live audio transcription.

The real time transcription services are game-changers. They provide live transcription and captioning, offering better communication. Participants of a live webinar, an online conference, or a live class will get better outcomes with these live interactive transcription services.

Now, how do you transcribe video to text in real-time?

1. Use Automatic Transcription Software

For many, automatic transcription software is the go-to solution for live audio transcription. It provides the benefit of quickly deploying the software across platforms. And compared to human transcriptionists, the software delivers transcription speedily.
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in software is improving transcription accuracy. Tools like Google’s Live Transcribe tool are capable of providing transcription services in multiple languages.

If you have to ask us, we recommend due diligence before choosing software for transcription. As the technologies are still evolving, accurate transcription is still some time away. But if your video volume is huge and you are in a hurry, we recommend going for software.

2. Use Manual Transcription Services

Real-time manual transcription is possible, given the resources and the professional team available with a transcription agency. Though manual transcription is a costly affair, you will get 99% accurate transcription.

During a live online conference, the manual transcriptionists listen to the audio and type the text in real-time. They understand the context of the meet and understand the tricky words by participating live. Therefore, they provide accurate text even in a poor audio quality setting.
Professional video transcription services come with a budget. And if you want the services in multiple languages, the prices increase further. It is dependent on you to choose between a software and a professional service provider.
Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought office meetings to homes. But the poor audio settings at homes led to a communication gap. And it has become imperative for businesses to deploy real time transcription services for boosting productivity among the employees. It is time you deployed such services for your business.

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