How the Coronavirus Outbreak Has Affected the Education Sector

One of the major casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic is the education sector. Not just in the UAE, throughout the world, schools and colleges have been shut.

With hundreds and thousands of students cramming together in hallways and the classrooms, the coronavirus can spread rapidly in educational institutions. It is thus prudent to close schools and colleges to keep the virus spread in check. But the problem is, there is no clear timeline in-sight when the institutions would reopen.

Naturally, students and parents worry about the loss of academic time. Here is where institutions across the world have become proactive. Online learning through video classes and other forms has become the norm.

Innovation in Education

Schools and colleges are offering online video classes, live webinars, question and answer sessions, and more to keep the students up to date. Some are even conducting online tests to measure learning outcomes.

In countries like China and India, live television broadcasts of educational videos are helping millions to educate themselves. And for interactive learning, some institutions are developing mobile

UAE Scenario

The Ministry of Education UAE has already directed educational institutions to share their distance learning programs to students and parents. The Ministry also asked parents to provide a conducive environment at home for homeschooling by ensuring proper internet services. Schools and colleges are also advised to share class schedules with the pupils for time-based subject learning. All this is to encourage distance learning and reduces academic stress on students.

Some Lagging

Amidst the change, many schools and colleges are yet to roll out their online educational content. May be due to their inability to create content or lack of insight on how to make them effective, such institutions are lagging their peers. Also, they may be lacking the resources that big institutions possess in creating online content.

It is here that the services of International Communication Services-Dubai (ICS-Dubai) are helpful.

How Do We Help?

If you are an institution looking for making your online content presentable to your students, ICS-Dubai is your right choice.

From providing translation services in numerous languages to offering subtitling and other communication services, ICS-Dubai will make online learning impactful.

We make your online reading material appealing and readable for your patrons. With our translation services, we make your video content transcend national boundaries and reach the world. Along with a transcription of the video, learning improves manifold.

With our app designing and developing expertise, we shall make your students stay more on the app and learn more.

Overall, with our services, we help the students to assimilate your e-learning content thoroughly.

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