How is localization changing the way businesses are being perceived by audiences?

Marketing is one of the main factors of driving any business whether you use it to introduce a new product, or to stay at the top of consumer’s minds. In the past, marketing efforts seemed bound by a “one size fits all” methodology, grouping all consumers into the same buyer persona. However, as companies expand their reach for more global audiences – even within their own geographical locations – marketers understand more and more that this is an outdated and not so impactful approach. A globalized world calls for globalized strategies that will enable businesses to reach new customers on a more direct and personal level. In short, global audiences want adapted brands. Thus, having a clear and well thought out localization strategy is essential for your marketing.

Localization revolves around diversity, values, and behaviors which shape each country’s specific culture and reality. Adapting your marketing strategy to fit the culture of your target market through localization will increase the overall chance of success for your campaign. Basically, localised marketing refers tomoulding your brand to suit the local preferences. It is the process of adjusting the 4 P’s of the marketing mix- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, as well as other strategies to serve consumer’s needs in a particular location or for a particular language.

Many entrepreneurs think that they really know what globalization looks like, what global trade looks like, and what has been a huge expansion over centuries from the days of the pioneers who opened up the world to cross-border commerce to today’s vast container ships criss-crossing oceans around the clock. But the world is changing rapidly around us and so are the shapes of globalization and trade. Think about the future of both these days and you quickly realize that trade is already starting to look a lot less physical and much more like digital.

Businesses today reflect how our lives have become more digital and how we, are armed with our smartphones and open life, travel the world without leaving our own living room. These days, anything inhabitant in any country is available via an app on everybody’s phone. Money can be shifted across borders with just a few clicks and swipes. Raw materials can be ordered with an email. Trade financing for widgets from far-off factories can be ordered via the cloud. The odd thing is that even as we recognize how much lives have changed; we rarely think about how trade has been shifting with it. For decades, the trading goods around the world which is now worth more than above 20 trillion dollars each year grew at twice the rate of the global economy and what some called the era of hyper globalization. But that has changed since the pandemic crisis. Trade has been growing at the same rate or even slower than the global economy. Some of that is clearly cyclical and due to the economic scars left by the covid-19 crisis.

Businesses are now focusing on how they can be more localized and digital. Here comes ICS Dubai which provides top notch localization services in Dubai. If you own a business and this pandemic crisis is impacting its presence in the market, then you must think about localization to reach more and more audience digitally. Our team has experienced professionals which will guide you for every necessary detail and action required to take your business towards progress.

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