How Industries are dealing with the Post COVID Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has jolted the world economy. Drastic measures taken to stop the spread of the virus led to nations shutting their economies. But, an indefinite lockdown was never the plan, and as the COVID-19 situation is easing up, many countries have begun reopening their economies.

Some Conquerors and Some Vanquishers

In the post COVID situation, while some industries may immediately kickstart their activities, others find the going difficult.

The Conquerors 

1. Healthcare Industry

When the economic shackles are removed, the healthcare sector, other than those involved in the fight against the novel coronavirus, will see huge demand.
Sub-industries of the sector, such as medical devices manufacturers, radiology centers, dental centers, and others, will see a spurt in demand.
People who have postponed their general health checkups, dental checkups and those who have postponed treatment for long-term issues and minor ailments will rush to seek treatment.

As such, the sub-industries are gearing up their marketing collaterals using medical translation and boosting their content marketing strategies with reassuring content to gain the confidence of people.

2. Ed Tech Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that formal education is not the only way to get educated. Catering to the many students who have stuck at their homes, the Ed Tech industry has take-up the role of bringing education to the doorsteps of the children via online platforms and processes.

During the lockdown, online learning witnessed a steep surge. While schools and colleges tried to teach their wards using videos, they used Ed-Tech platforms to accomplish this.

In the post COVID scenario, the Ed Tech industry will continue to see a rise in demand. And to meet the demand, Ed Tech companies are crossing their national borders and spreading knowledge across the world with the help of translation, transcription, and subtitling services.

3. E-Commerce

The E-commerce industry will grow with a renewed vigor post COVID. Initially, the sector took a hit due to travel bans, but in the post COVID situation, it will be the go-to place for consumers to buy goods.

To avoid crowds and protect themselves from getting infected, the majority of the consumers will resort to online shopping. Already, in countries where economic restrictions have eased up, online shopping is increasing. E-commerce companies have increased online digital ad spends, which indicates a growing business. The E-commerce industry will surely be a winner in the post COVID situation.

The Vanquishers

Industries such as hospitality, travel, outdoor entertainment, sports, and transportation are the losers. Already, these industries are the worst-hit industries during the pandemic. Now, they have to rebuild from the losses incurred during the lockdown. It is an uphill task as the global economy is in recession, and these industries are dependent on consumer spending.

Also, these industries are crowd-gathering industries. People might avoid them in the short term, which means no more eating out or traveling or going to the movies or attending sports events. These industries will face a challenging post-COVID situation.

Such industries need the support of business solution providers who understand the market well enough and are experts in moulding business models to suit the ever-changing business environment for a profitable future.


As more people are recovering from the Coronavirus infection, anticipating a turnover, many nations have announced economic stimulus packages to kickstart their economies. But, as is seen, the kickstart will not be similar for everyone in the post COVID world.

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