Healthcare Industry’s Situation Post COVID 19

Infectious outbreaks occur throughout the world. For the most part, these outbreaks are localized in nature. But an infection to become a global pandemic is once in a lifetime occurrence. Rightly so, the novel coronavirus pandemic is once in a century occurrence.

The SARS-CoV-2, being a novel virus, the human body does not have any immunity against it. The results is, those with a weak immune system and with co-morbid conditions are facing the severe effects of the virus to the end of losing their lives.

The health crisis led to the world economy to shut down. But, the industry that is at the forefront of the fight against the virus is the healthcare industry.
If you ask how the industry is coping with the health crisis, the answer could be' not so good'.

Teething Problems

Right from the primary healthcare centres to tertiary, and from the pharmaceutical industry to insurance companies, the crisis has disrupted the entire industry. It is posing challenges of access to safety equipment, availability of medicines, disruption of global supply chain logistics, and financial stress.

Across the world, a scenario often being played out amidst the crisis is the lack of critical equipment to test and treat COVID-19 patients. From testing kits to ventilators and from protective equipment to essential medicines to treat the patients, the entire supply chain is disrupted.

In some countries, the overwhelming number of cases is pushing the health industry to its brink.

Novel Challenge

Apart from traditional problems like providing treatment and infrastructure gaps, the current health crisis has also thrown some unique challenges to the health industry. One of which is the communication barrier.

In any crisis, communication is the key to disseminate accurate information and defuse the crisis. But, the communication barrier is posing as a hindrance to healthcare workers and insurance companies.

For example, in the UAE, migrants from across the world come here for livelihood. Not being familiar with the local language, these migrants are facing difficulties during treatment. Companies offering interpretation services are helping healthcare professionals to make the migrants understand the procedures.

Also, medical translation is playing a major role during the crisis. In countries like the USA, where 25% of the population does not speak English, medical translation services are helping the healthcare institutions and insurance companies to complete the paperwork.

One other side effect of this health crisis is infodemic - a crude term for fake coronavirus news spreading through online channels. Accurate information is essential to fight the coronavirus pandemic. But the infodemic is undoing the good work of the health industry. One can fight the infodemic by sharing authentic information about the crisis. Organizations can do this with the help of communications services providers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, the health industry across the world is under severe stress. In the short-term, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the industry. But, the long-term implications of the pandemic on the industry are uncertain. The industry might see a drastic change in the way it functions.

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