Automatic translation: How beneficial it is for localization projects?

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In this era of technology, the use of robots can be seen in many situations and industries. This thing is also applicable for translation tasks. The aim of any automation task is to complete a specific task much faster and hence save a lot of time as well as reduce the need for human labor on repetitive tasks. This same thing also happens in the case of automatic translation. So, let us discuss what automatic translation is and if choosing a translation agency in Kuwait, like us, International Communication Services, is right for your projects.

What is the process of automatic translation?

Automatic translation is a procedure that takes the content created by you and handles the tasks like translating, quality control, and even publishing the content. Machine translation is a particular tool that helps in increasing the speed of the translation of your content. If you have a successful automation translation tool or system with you, you can easily make the process more cost-effective, have a streamlined workforce, and even manage your content flows in an error-free way.

Thus, there are many reliable translation services in Kuwait, like International Communication Services, whom you can trust completely. Those companies offer tools for automatic translations that can translate your content accurately and localize your services, products, and even websites. Moreover, you can easily configure the entire process as per your preferences while choosing the right amount of automation that you actually need.

What are the benefits and limitations of machine translation?

The benefits of choosing machine translation

  • There are many benefits that you can enjoy by choosing to use machine translation. Some of those are:
  • Machine translation is perfect for translating a large amount of content when the general meaning of the piece is enough.
  • Automatic translation is a cheaper and faster way of translating content than using human translators.
  • Machine automation is beneficial for translating a specific text that can be easily improved by a human translator through the transcreation procedure.
  • By opting for machine translation, you can enjoy an unlimited range of languages for your translation project.
  • You can easily train your system or tool for translation specific fields like legal documentation.
  • The automatic translation also works for conducting internal communications when 100% accuracy is not compulsory.

The limitations of choosing machine translation

Though machine translation comes with many benefits, it also has a few limitations. Such as:

  • The contents translated by the system may lack context.
  • The results of the translation may vary from inaccurate to very dangerous.
  • You cannot use an automatic translation system where a lack of 100% accuracy can have life risks like medical equipment instructions or aviation manuals.
  • The automation translation system cannot cope with metaphors, colloquialisms, tone, hidden meanings, style, etc.

Different types of machine translations

After decades of research and evaluation, modern automatic translation software can translate a huge amount of content with amazing speed and accuracy. The NLP or Natural Processing of Language can take a specific content and translate it into any language you want almost immediately. Nowadays, there are mainly four types of machine translation tools that work effectively with the help of NLP. Those are:

  • RBMT or Rule-Based Machine Translation
  • This type works effectively by examining the grammar of both the target and source languages. After that, it uses the basic rules for completing the translation procedure. The result of this method usually needs extensive editing.
  • SMT or Statistical Machine Translation
  • With the help of SMT, a large number of bilingual contents can be studied to develop statistical models. Direct relation can be found between a specific word in the target language and a word in the source language. Probably the best example of SMT is Google Translator. However, it cannot understand the context of the source text, and hence, it results in poor-quality translation.
  • NMT or Neural Machine Translation
  • It is a more expensive and complex type of machine translation because this develops models of neural networks depending on the human brain.
  • HMT or Hybrid Machine Translation

This is a combination of the two systems that are RBMT and SMT. Thus, while working, it creates and develops a memory of translation that leads to better quality work with more use. However, it still needs a significant amount of human editing.

Therefore, automatic translation can help us in many ways in this era of technology, and hence, you need the assistance the experienced and reliable translation companies in Kuwait. We, International Communication Services, offer all those specific services that you need for a high-quality and accurate translation project.

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