A Guide To Choose the Best Website Translation Services


Selling online has become the new normal. Businesses across the spectrum are taking up eCommerce to reach customers in far off places. Translating website content will make the site attractive to international customers.
Statistics show that over 72% of Internet users prefer to dwell on websites that have content in the native language. Also, 55% of internet users prefer buying in a native language site. Thus, website translation is essential for a business. But, to be effective, choosing the right translation agency is crucial.

Here is a guide on how to choose the best website translation services agency.

1.Do They Provide Certified Translation?

Translation accuracy is critical while operating in international markets. Companies such as KFC know this very well. While laughing its outlet in China, the fried chicken giant poorly translated its tag line 'Finger-Lickin' good' in Chinese. The translated version meant 'Eat your fingers off,' which was a big blunder. It affected the reputation of KFC momentarily.
Though KFC came out of this situation unscathed, not all are lucky. A tiny mistake can spell doom to a business. Thus hiring a certified translator who assures quality translation is the right choice. International quality standards like ISO 17100:2015, EN 15038, and others are the golden standards. Choose a translation company that has this certification.

2.What is their Experience?

The experience of a translation agency matters. An experienced company understands the challenges of a particular industry and provides solutions accordingly.
Knowing the experience of the company’s language experts helps determine their proficiency. Also, it helps understand the domain expertise of the company. Thus, the choice of the Best Website Translation Agency depends on the agency’s experience in the client’s domain of business.

3.How Do They Manage The Project?

As translation projects are often tedious, requiring numerous edits, implementing client changes, and retranslations, coordination among the team members and the client is critical. Thus, project management is a significant factor in choosing the right agency.
The provider of the best website translation services will have an efficient project management team. Their adherence to recognized quality guidelines outlines their project management competency.

4.What is the Turnaround Time?

For a business, the scope of website translation varies in time and space. For example, by having a multilingual website, a company may launch content campaigns in different regions either simultaneously or at various times. Quick turnaround times are thus crucial here.
Choosing an agency with quick turnaround times is thus necessary. A competent agency with swift turnaround times will adhere to deadlines, accept penalty clauses, and maintain professionalism in project delivery.

5.What Language Services They Offer?

From providing website translation in multiple languages to localization services, the best agency offers a plethora of translation services. It will implement a transition strategy and helps the business scale up. The multiplicity of services that the agency provides is also a testimony to the reassures available with the agency.

Bottom Line

Hiring the best transition agency is imperative for success in the international market.
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