5 Tips to Make Your Logo Attractive

Amid competition, making your brand stand out is a tough task. Only with a unique brand identity, you can attract potential customers.

A logo is one such element, when designed right, will give your brand a special identity. You can beat your competition and gain more customers. The logo will also help in generating mass brand awareness.

The right logo design is thus the key. Here are 5 tips to make your logo attractive.

#1 Know Thyself

A logo, in essence, is conveying your brand message. As such, the elements you choose for your logo, be it a name or an image, they must represent your business idea. For this, you must understand your business first. Take, for example, the logo of the web browser Mozilla Firefox. While the globe represents the whole world, the fox encircling it symbolizes the power of the world wide web.

#2 Analyze Your Competitor's Logo

Before designing your logo, analyze your competitors’ logo. It will help in knowing the flaws or advantages of their logo. You can build on the information and create your one logo that can attract the customers.

#3 Simple Design

Simplicity is the hallmark of logos that attracts customers. Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Apple all these companies have logos that are simple to understand. The advantage of designing a simple logo is that it is easily registered in the memory and is easy to recall. But, creating simple designs need some skill. You can choose a company that offers logo designing in Dubai for the purpose.

#4 Colour Choice

The colors you choose for the logo have an impact on its attractiveness. The Logo Company released the science behind colors which you can use to choose the right colors for your logo. Always remember not to overload the logo with more than three colors. With fewer colors, the logo will be instantly recognizable, looks good when printed on any surface, and appears clear.

#5 Look For Symmetry

Design symmetry is another aspect that makes a logo attractive. Any professional logo design company will aid you here. A logo with proportionate angles, flowing curves, and arcs will attract the audience's attention. Have you ever noticed how symmetrical is the bite on the Apple logo?

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