5 Arabic Terms Without English Equivalents

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Arabic is one of the beautiful languages of the world. But, do you know that Arabic translation to English is not that easy. It is because there are many Arabic terms without English equivalents. Also, compounding the matter is the numerous Arabic dialects. Only professional Arabic translation services in Dubai can provide an accurate translation.

For a perspective, here are five Arabic terms with no corresponding English terms/phrases/expressions.

1. Ala Rasi

Ala Rasi, when translated into English, means “on my head.” But in Arabic, the expression has a different meaning. When someone asks you or demands you for something, as a reply to the demand, you say “Ala Rasi.” The term has more agreeableness to it. The closer meaning in English would be “Anything for you.”

2. Yo’borneh jamelik/jamelak

As each culture has different ways of expressing love, there are various expressions of love in the Arab culture. Yo’borneh jamelik/jamelak is one such expression that has no equivalent in English. Commonly used as a compliment between two loved ones, the expression roughly means “I will die this instance because of your beauty.”

3. Bitmoon/Bitmooneh

When a person does any out of the way or inconvenient work for the sake of others, we complement the person using various expressions. There is no single expression for it in English. But, Bitmoon/Bitmooneh in Arabic is the word used to complement or approve such an act. It is commonly used between friends and family members.

4. Abelik/abelak

The word reciprocates wishes at different social occasions. It roughly says that you receive the same blessings as marriage, success, etc. The term has no equivalent in English.

5. Kol Sana Wa Enta Salem/Enti Salmeh

This phrase is often used during birthdays and on religious holidays. It translates to something like “you be more peaceful with each passing year. ” The expression is more common than saying happy Ramadan in the Arab world.

Take Away

Arabic translation seems simple. But when you ask an expert, you will understand the nuances and how they will make for the lack of expressions or words with different meanings while translating. As Arabic has many such words and expressions with no English equivalents, a translation project requires professional assistance.

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