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Website Hosting Services Dubai

ICS is one of the most competitive web service providers today, offering host of services for building your web presence. These services are flexible and can be customized to the needs of your business both current and those necessitated by growth.

There are no standard hosting packages. We tailor-make and customize the solutions as per the needs of the business. The hosting plans are available on both LINUX and Windows servers for high performance business websites.

Our network operations team assures uninterrupted service. With us, your site sits on a state-of-the-art web server on the internet backbone with a high-speed link and this ensures downloading of your pages as quickly as possible. Our multiple OC-3 links and multiple T3-level links to over 40 major Internet backbones (like Uunet, MCI, AT&T, Sprint etc.) deliver your site's pages to visitors faster.

Host Your Websites With Our Trustworthy Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is one of the integral necessities when you are about to launch your business online and your website. This task requires in depth analysis of your requirement both current and future and match with the most appropriate technology that will deliver you value for money.

This task should be carried out with much care and structured planning and implementation based on the years of experience working with variety of technologies. Slightest carelessness and negligence can be fatal to your online business. Website hosting is a crucial step and unless you are an IT engineer yourself with expertise in handling internet servers, you will be influenced by the sales pitch of the service provider or the price offered by the service provider. Hosting relates to the “housing” of your website. It is important to know where your website is housed and decision should be based on many considerations especially the location, the connectivity, the facilities and the security.

You may end-up paying a huge price if you finalize your decisions without doing your analysis or simply relying on high end web hosting companies. You have many choices in Dubai, UAE or the Middle East for hosting a website.

However, ICS is an internationally reputed company and it takes pride being the first choice of many clients across the UAE and the Middle East. Our services include most of the technological options available for website hosting services. Visit us at to explore our much appreciated skills in the realm of web hosting. 

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