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All About ICS Dubai The Interpretation and Arabic Subtitling Expert


Not all marketing techniques or brand building strategies work in your favor. You have to choose the right technique for the right audience.

In Dubai, where major global businesses operate, corporate events and video promotions are two marketing techniques that help in networking and brand building.

But, the problem here is the language. Arabic is the common language in Dubai while you may not be comfortable with it. To gain the attention of the audiences from Dubai you need to thus convey your message in Arabic.

During corporate events or conferences, you can hire interpreters in Dubai to convey your message and for video promotions go for Arabic subtitling services.

Now, the question that might arise is how to get the best interpretation and subtitling services in Dubai? The answer is International Communication Services (ICS) Dubai.

Why ICS Dubai?

Interpretation Services

In any live event, spontaneous interpretation will have a huge impact on the target audience. It should be clean with the exact meaning of the original language speaker conveyed. The context and sensuality of the message must not have deviated in the interpretation. For such impactful interpretation, you need skillful interpreters.

Here lies the expertise of ICS Dubai. It has a large pool of professional interpreters in various languages from across the world. And for Arabic interpretation, it has world-class interpreters. Also, the company offers simultaneous interpretation services, small conference interpretation, and one-on-one interpretation.

It provides language secretariats for your events or conferences. The interpreters are also domain experts be it health, medical, engineering, legal, business or any other domain.

Subtitling Services

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, video consumption is increasing profoundly. For businesses, videos are an opportunity to create awareness about the brand or sell the products.

To make it more easy to understand the video by a native speaker in Dubai, adding Arabic subtitles will help. ICS Dubai is an expert in providing Arabic subtitling services. The company is methodical in its approach to creating subtitles.

It first transcribes the script of the video, then translates it and then integrates with the video. The professional translators at ICS will see that the translation is error-free, culturally appropriate and without losing the meaning.

What are you waiting for then? It is time you chose ICS Dubai for your interpretation and subtitling needs. The company also offers many other services that bring value to your business and increase your ROI.

Pick the phone and make a call now to know more.

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