Interpretation Services Dubai

Interpreter Services Dubai

Interpretation Services Dubai

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Interpretation involves vocally interpreting between a speaker and audience when the two do not understand each others language. Interpreter interprets a person speaking in particular language to the language that the audience understands.
Our team of professional interpreters provides language secretariat for international conferences anywhere in the world.
We provide an exhaustive range of languages with professional interpreters from practically every city around the world. The Interpreters are trained and experienced professionals with domain expertise ranging from Medical, Legal, Health, Business, Engineering, Social Services, etc.
This service provides a flawless medium of verbal communication in business meetings, seminars, medical records, immigration matters and so on.
Consecutive interpretation is involved when the interpreter is required to interpret after the speaker pauses between sentences. This is mostly required in one-to-one meetings and does not require interpretation equipments.
Simultaneous interpretation is involved when the interpreter is required to interpret as the speaker keeps speaking. Mostly required in conferences and seminars. Also requires interpretation equipments which includes headphones at each delegates seat and a console which provides language options to chose from.
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