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Quality Process

Project study, proposal, evaluation and confirmation :
•   Verify the authenticity of the client / project.
•   Check the file for completeness, format, layout and version. 
•   Get the checklist verified with the client clearly indicating source files, document received. 
•   Estimate the delivery schedule considering the available spare capacity. 
•   Get the approval of the proposal from the client clearly indicating the mode of delivery, format, version, etc. of the project along with the terms and conditions that
      may include financial clauses list total costs, advance required, period of credit, etc.
•   Get the Purchase Order from the client accepting the various clauses of your proposal. 
•   Identify the personnel both in-house and independent contractors, if any, who would be involved in the project as per the requirements of the project. 
•   Ensure agreement on issues relating to confidentiality, copyrights and ownership. 
•   Verify the availability of resources at each stage of project. 
•   Prepare schedules for each process stage in relation to the final delivery schedule.

Translation quality control process are enumerated below:
1 Translation Controls For quality results the translator should 
•   be a specialist in the text involved 
•   be a specialist in the language combination 
•   be a professional with academic qualifications
•   have necessary skills, experience
•   be a native resident of the country of the language

2. Proofing Controls
•   Use computer based proofing tools 
•   Use of computer aid translation (CAT) software 
•   Ensure layout / graphic synchronization 
•   Compare the translation with original text manually.

3. Editing Controls
•   Create client and subject specific glossary 
•   Create and update terminology bank 
•   Verify layout and graphic synchronization 
•   Verify stylistic, tone and nuance issues.

4. Revision Controls
 •   Use and update translation memories 
•   Ensure implementation of glossaries 
•   Terminology research, update and implementation

5. Re-localization Controls
 •   Verify cultural localization issues like currency, date, time, etc 
•   Verify sensitivity issues relating to graphics, music and designs.

6. Project appraisal and feedback 
•   Build and share glossaries, terminologies, translation memories based on specialization and clients. 
•   Build and update style guides for translation in different languages for each client / project to ensure accuracy and consistency of style, tone, etc.

Request for feedback.